Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 14, 2010

It’s Republican Incumbent Protection Season Already

The first sign of Republican Incumbent Protection (RIP) season, otherwise known as Spring 2010 came early.  In the midst of this serious winter of bruising cold and brutal unemployment, a gay campaign-like flyer was delivered to my “Bowden Household.”  It’s stamped “public document, official business” and “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.” 

This glossy flyer announced that Cong. Rob Wittman (R, 1 CD, VA) was in favor of Motherhood, the flag, and apple pie.  By golly.  The detailed wording indicated he has a ‘prescription’ (catchy, huh?) for health care reform that favors choices, quality, access at rates you can afford and brings down the costs.  Wow.  Where do Virginians find politicians with such bold ideas?

Imagine if our Representative actually listed ways to achieve his Health Care Reform.  Telling the voters ‘how to’ reform.  Specifics.  Instead, he asks Seniors inane, multiple choice questions about how satisfied are you, what is the biggest problem, and do you support cuts to Medicare.  As if the answers provide guidance for any reform. 

Rob’s one policy initiative is to co-sponsor a bill to establish a commission to develop recommendations to reform tax policy and entitlement benefit programs.  Really.  Appoint a committee?  The Democrats are grabbing for more than 1/6th of the economy and unprecedented, unconstitutional interventions into business, the private lives and personal freedom of Americans with over 2,000 pages of diktats.  So, Republican Rob Wittman is up for appointing a bi-partisan commission to come up with recommendations on what to do someday. 

When?  Two or three years after billions of dollars are taxed out of the economy, millions more jobs are killed, much of the quality and availability of healthcare are diminished?  After the Constitution is totally shredded on the altar of socialist rhetoric, fascist intervention, and democrat demagoguery?  What good will come out of blue ribbon panel of socialist Democrats and statist Republicans?

Will one recommendation be to return healthcare to the states – where it belongs Constitutionally?  Not a chance.

Does Rob not have any idea, whatsoever, to do for healthcare legislation?  Other than “we should be expanding access to healthcare.”  Does that mean more people on federal healthcare programs?  Since he is ‘concerned’ about cuts to Medicare, how does he plan on funding Medicare as it bankrupts the Nation?   Is that up to the commission to figure out, too?

Unbelievable.  These are serious times in Virginia and across America.  It shouldn’t be the silly season for career politicians. 

If Republican Representatives don’t know what to propose as healthcare legislation – or haven’t bothered to get a handful of proposals from sound Conservatives, like the Heritage Foundation – then they should resign.  Now.   Step aside and get a job in the private sector.   Create job opportunities for Constitutional Republicans to replace Establishment Republicans.   

Please quit sending insipid campaign flyers as official business and wasting our taxes on your re-election.



  1. Brilliant! I haven’t read anyone articulate it better than this.

    Let there be no mistake;
    This is THE season in America where we either wrest control of the Ship of State from the hands of those bent on dashing us upon the rocks of utter destruction or we do not. This is a two fisted, bare knuckled, knock down, drag out, no holds bared, fight for freedom. And if a ‘representative’ doesn’t have the stomach to speak the truth and stand for the very things they swore a Sacred Oath to uphold and defend then they need to get out of or be removed from office.

    It is past time to reintroduce such words as ‘treason’, ‘traitors’, and ‘tyranny’, and to persue their legal remedies.

  2. Catherine, Thanks. I disagree on language. Words have meaning. I’d save treason and traitors for charges against the Muslim major.

    I’d use failure, cowardice, weakness, culpability, vapidness, pandering, and corruption of government for the Establishment Republicans.

    And, I’m sure many more fit each situation where career politicians protect their business – public office and public trough – and get elected by saying the right blah blah.

  3. Cathrine is right. You nailed it. Your blog is going to the top of my list to read.

    Thank you for sharing & using your talents for our benefit.

  4. Catherine has a point, but I agree she has the wrong language. At this point, violent language can accomplish little. Catherine’s anger is understandable, but I believe she has the wrong sense of the problem.

    Our freedom is threatened, but there is no evil conspiracy — not yet. What we are “fighting” is the onset of a soft tyranny. This “onset” has been unfolding for decades. There is a cultural war, but there is no well defined us versus them. What there is is a citizenry too unwilling to assume full responsibility for the duties of citizenship.

    We get the kind of nonsense we get from Rob Wittman because most voters quite willingly accept it. In return for power and influence, he offers to take care of our problems for us. Is that not nice of him? He lets us hand our problems to him, and we get to forget they exist. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our problems multiply.

    If there are traitors guilty of treason, then who are these people, the People themselves? I fear the answer is yes. The fee Wittman charges for his services is higher than most choose to believe. Because we will not do the work and assume personal responsibility, we are robbing ourselves and our children of our heritage of freedom.

  5. Really solid blogpost. I hope this is the year voters remain engaged and interested in understanding the problem comes not solely from the ultra-left: that’s obvious. More importantly, from insipid, lazy, cowardly incumbents who vote as lemmings for a party or for more power. Same issue here in the 10th where there’s a 30 year incumbent writing letters, sending out newsletters and “calling on” the President, Secy of State and the AG to do something. I received a newsletter, paid for by the taxpayers, to lay the RIP foundation here. The ultra-intelligent tag line is, “America, We are Broke.” Sheesh.

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