Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 9, 2010

10% Unemployment

BHO and the Dems did it.

10% unemployment in January 2o10 isn’t George Bush’s fault.  Or the Republicans – except those who voted for any stimulus or bailout nonsense. 

A sound economic policy or a bad one will have an impact in 6 months.   We’ve only had bad ones, stupid socialist ones, so far with President Obama and the Democrat super majority.

They broke the economy.  It’s theirs.   Just like when George Bush broke Hussein’s Iraq, he bought the place.  The broken economy – and it will get worse – belongs to failed socialism.  No matter what you call it.  Or, how the Leftmedia cheers it. 

The cost in human suffering among families where their earners lost jobs and can’t find jobs is real.  The false hope of socialism causes real pain.  The false populism of fascist government intervention in business creates more failure – and payoffs to political cronies.   All this pain and suffering came with the election of a false hope.  A play-acting president who knows nothing about economics.  Whose lack of wisdom and judgment spreads to other areas – like foreign affairs.

What makes it worse, is that only some of the elected Republicans know what to do.   Cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations, expand energy production.


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