Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 5, 2010

New Year, Old Stupidity, Same LeftMedia

The Stalinists at the local Daily Press newspaper headlined, “Guns Took a Toll in 2009” (the Daily Press, Jan 2, 2010).    The story line is that guns killed 35 out of 38 people in the population of a half a million souls who live on The Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and Isle of Wight Co, Virginia.  The upper half of Tidewater.  The guns did it.  Bad guns.  Evil guns.

And, odd guns.  Strangely sentient guns.

The guns killed 34 out of 35 people murdered in Hampton and Newport News Virginia.   But, the guns didn’t murder anyone in heavily armed York Co., Williamsburg, James City County, Gloucester Co, King and Queen Co, Middlesex Co, Essex Co, Isle of Wight Co, and Poquoson.  A gun murdered one person in Isle of Wight Co. 

If guns do the murdering, then why didn’t they do a proportional share across the whole area – of 500,000 Virginians?    Why do guns only murder in some locations and not others?

Newport News Police Chief James Fox is quoted, “Most of our homocides have to do with drugs and gangs.”   Ah.

Do the guns know that drugs and gangs are blamed for murders by the cops, but guns are the blame for murders to the morons in the LeftMedia?   How do the guns feel about that?


  1. Not surprising and really more of the same way they have been reporting violent crimes for some time now. I wonder, did their article mention how many lives were saved over the period by a citizen taking advantage of his Second Ammendment right to defend himself with a firearm? Seems to me I remember a story of a local shop keeper who shot an armed burglar.

  2. Nope.

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