Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 17, 2009

Two Tea Parties: One Cause

Today's Mob: Tomorrow's Founders

The Boston Tea Party infuriated most of the ruling elites in the Colonies and almost all the ruling elites in the Mother Country.  It was an act of defiance.  So much so, that even though the fig leave of Indian costumes had holes, it was a necessary charade, lest the perps be called out for insurrection – treason – and other high crimes.

The Boston Tea Party was a protest over a tax, but, far more importantly, was the principle.  Who had the right to tax colonists?  The citizens of the colonies were good, loyal English subjects, so their rights as Englishmen included the principle of no taxation without representation.  Three times the soveriegn head of England was removed from power in the century before the Tea Party.   Parliament was established as the soveriegn power of Rngland – and in 1707, the United Kingdom.  The principle was purchased with the blood tax.  The American colonists knew their rights as Englishmen.  Even the non-English – by ethnicity – knew their rights – and guarded them with equal zealor.

Today’s Tea Party is less an event and more of a movement.  I went another local Tea Party meeting in my little town (Pop: 12,000) on Monday.  The Americans, and Virginians, at the local meeting are ready to protest over taxes and spending.   But, more importantly, they focus on a principle: The U.S. Constitution.  Who told the federal government – all three branches – that they could ignore or re-write the Constitution as they please?

These Americans in the Tea Party movement know their rights.  These American Tea Party people know what should be the rule of law under a government limited by the framework of the Constitution. 

Every month since June, I hear in their words the growing determination to settle for nothing less than a full return to Constitutionally-limited and shaped government. 

The Establishment Republicans patronize, ignore and – will attempt to – co-opt and marginalize these Americans at their peril.  The Constitutionalist – Tea Party folk movement – are almost a third of America.  When they get the leadership – in federal candidates they need, they will be the force that will save America for another great century.   They will protect, preserve and defend the Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic. 

History’s fake Indians became real patriots.  Today’s Tea Party folks already are patriots.  They may find out what it takes to be more than a demonstration – a mob in the eyes of the Left.  They should make  history at the ballot box – long before it becomes time to reach for the bullet box.



  1. Totally agree. Today’s Tea Partiers would make the Founding Fathers proud!

    Dr B L Baker, author of “Tea Party Revival”

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