Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 14, 2009

Obama’s Grade on the Economy

Making it into play money - really

So, President Obama gave himself a solid B+ on the economy.  Funny and pathetic tending to tragic.

Funny, because BHO never took economics.  And, if he did his grades would be hidden from the public like all of his test scores, grades and writing as a student.  Revealing them would show how far an affirmative action admission can go with the right polish.   And, of course, how ill-equipped or non-competitive an academic candidate of  this particular fit for a diversity quota is.  As shown when  BHO  rants about fat cats on Wall Street – he is absolutely clueless on the economy.

It’s pathetic because BHO actually believes he helped the economy.  Really.  No kidding.  He has no idea how much he has screwed up the economy.

The tragedy is that BHO thinks he kept unemployment down to 10% as the President.  When, in fact, BHO promoted unemployment to 10% and higher because of his wrong steps on economics – every step of the way.   The real tragedy is the millions of Americans who are the names behind the statistics.  Their families feel real pain and loss, because the government makes an economic bubble and recovery into a deep recession.  And, soon enough, the brazen theft of inflation. 

Meanwhile, the government follows the policies of the pretender to President, the talking teleprompter, and prints money like a monopoly game. 

The real Presidential report card is as follows.

Economy: F

Government (Constitution): F-

Media (radio and Fox ruined the curve):  A-

Science (includes gl0bal climate change):  F

Foreign Affairs: F

Military CiC: C-

Student Feelings (narcissism) : A+

Standardized test scores:  Top Secret.  Not open to the public.


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