Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 1, 2009

Going Rogue for Sarah Palin

Who she is, what happened in 2008 and what she stands for.

Finished “Going Rogue, an American Life” by Sarah Palin and writing team.  A book worth reading.  It gave me the insights to know why I’d support her vigorously in 2012 for President of the United States.

The book is three major, separate sections stitched together. 

Part I.  The story of Sarah Palin before August 2008.   Tells a great story.  She is one of “us” Americans.  Not the ruling elites.  Not the folks with transgenerational wealth and multi-generational political inbreeding.   She is part of the overwhelmning majority of Americans who have to deal with life as it is dealt to them.  Where there are few options, often, and less control of personal destiny.  Because folks who want to live where they call home, “Home”, have to do the best they can.  Survive in the fluid economics – much like flood, drought, sleet and hail storms to farmers.

Sarah Palin is an Evangelical Christian.  That means prayer is without ceasing and real to her.  It means the Bible is the answer to humankind’s needs and wants.   So, President Palin, like Bush the younger, Truman, Lincoln and Washington is grounded in the Truth and the most trusting relationship with the living Lord of the Universe.   She keeps a prayer journal.

Sarah Palin is a product of her culture.  That culture of the unique Alaskan sense of place and purpose – and frontier pioneer spirit is perfect for an ascending idea called “Anerica.” 

She has 20 years of politics.  Mainly grassroots stuff.  Only the one year plus of politics in the company of those who live it as a soulless profession. 

Sarah Palin is risk-taker.  That is highly unusual in pols.  She faced political career death on a couple of occassions and didn’t back down. 

Sarah Palin has the drive of a natural athlete.  She has the focus.  She is ready to fight to win.

Part II.  The commentaty on the 2008 replay has been critiqued from every perspective for cheap politics.  I saw an earnest local pol, who had never seen the politics as blood sport.  Her reaction in this section is less the “get even”, in my opinion, than the over-reaction of a guileless woman responding to the calculated deceit and spleen of professional, Liberal journalists and many, many others – looking for any way to attack her.   She showed  a need to defend against the scurrilous attacks – to fix her reputation, in her mind, and her family’s.

Part III is the political beliefs that are her foundation.  As a Conservative Constitutionalist – and one who likes to think of himself as a Christian Populist (no matter how wrongly the title doesn’t fit my ideas) – I saw the Right Stuff.  She may not know the 250 books that equal a good grad school education.  But, she knows the outcomes in public policy that support the goals those institutions produce.

Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman.  She would be a good leader at any level. 

What is more remarkable is how many Sarah Palins there are in America – and how few of her, or her fraternal  male twin, are in politics.  

Sarah Palin must be formidable in the family decisions and political talk that rolls around so many of the kitchen tables of engaged citizen families.   And, her 20 years of public office make her far more accomplished and better equipped to govern and manage than BHO.  She is as ‘deep’ as any pol running at the national level – actually more so. 

As her father said after her  resignation as Governor this year, “Sarah’s not retreating; she is reloading.”    I hope so.

Sarah Palin will make mistakes.   All elected politicians make mistakes.    Her mistakes will be like those a Truman, a Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher, or a Ronald Reagan would make.  President Palin would need  the support from a Congress with a Constitutional Republican bench that is quite different from today’s Cassiuses.  She needs the right advisors with her.  

Sarah Palin will do wonderfully in elected office.  We can certainly do worse, but, truthfully, not do better.   She has few peers –  with what is in her inner self and what she has experienced in life.

Reload Sarah.  And, as range control barks out, “Are you ready on the right?  The right is ready.  Are you ready on the left?  The left is ready.”


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