Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 1, 2009

BHO Strategy: Surge and Scoot

Pretending to be Commander in Chief

Watched President Obama’s speech to see what of West Point he used as a  photo op.  My classmate- and head of the English Department, Rick Kerin was full screen – faculty on parade – three times.  Much better than the 2 hour plus parade we had for President Richard Nixon – in wool in a hot spell in late May 1971.  Rick didn’t have to sweat through his clothes for this President.  Rick was the best writer in our class.  He and I worked on our only lit, comedy, etc publication – a monthly magazine – and ate 3  meals together daily  for the better part of 3 years. 

So, aside from the personal, what about the strategic implications for America and the World?   Providing 3/4ths of the surge the Generals asked for  is okay.   Announcing the timeable to quit is foolish.  BHO said this was a vital national interest.  Vital national interests don’t have expiration dates like milk cartons.  A planned withdrawal is a planned retreat.  Which may become a scheduled surrender. 

Maybe BHO just doesn’t know the enemy.  He said the same bovine scatology about hijacking peaceful (puke) Islam.  He spoke of violent extremism – but couldn’t insert the adjective “Muslim” as appropriate.

And, maybe BHO still doesn’t get foreign affairs.   America as a partner, not a patron, may sound right if you are used to bowing to every foreign leader you meet.   But, not if you want to judiciously use American power for American security interests. 

Finally, BHO remains clueless on economics.  There is no connection between last year’s housing bubble –  BHO’s Great Depression II near death experience and opportunity to seize power – and military spending on the foreign campaigns against Islamists. 

The troops will fight well and serve magnificently – as asked – until 2011, then the “fallacy of the last move”  strategic thinking will be on BHO.   The next move will be for the Islamists to make.   And, they have 2 years to prepare.




    All part of the strategy

  2. This is pathetic. As I sit here working the employment plan for this, I am astounded.
    What is lacking in SMEAC. What is really going on, not just in AFG but the war. What is our strategic mission? Getting in? For what if we already announced getting out? What are we trying to do?
    How are we going to do this? Enablers need to go in first before the gunfighters. Tough to do now that we have piddled away the summer and fall.

    I could go on and on. But I need to get back to the problem at hand.

  3. Thanks. BHO looks for political covers, not military policy.

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