Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 27, 2009

See the Movie: The Blind Side

Go see this great movie.   Great because it’s about Christian love – giving mercy, not ceremony, moving people to be the body of Christ in this generation.  Real people.   True story.  Makes it really great.

Fun movie, personally,  because the story takes place in Memphis, Tennessee.   West Tennessee is home to the Maley-Bowden Clan.  I went to the first grade in Memphis.   Lived there as a kid and made annual pilgrimages home every summer until I left home to go to West Point and the Army.   Make the annual reunion in Tipton County as often as I can.

The Christian woman that Sandra Bullock plays reminds me of my cousins.  And my grandmother, Lillian Susan.  Although, their clothes weren’t so tight in their prime – as Sandra wears hers. 

Sandra Bullock did a passable Southern accent.  It sounded a bit more hard West Texas, than soft West Tennessee, but it was good enough.   Only a couple of obligatory Hollywood moments – head nods to racism and meal prayers that don’t speak the name “Jesus.”    But, still a fun, good movie.

Take the family.


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