Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 20, 2009

The End of Oprah

Hurrah for the End of Oprah on TV

Oprah Winfrey ends her TV show in 2011.  Hurray.  Good for America.  Great for Christians.

Certainly, somone will try to follow her as the diva of powerful female connections with folly for talk and stirring emotions.

The sooner her bullhorn of sophistry as caring sweetness is silenced the better for America. Maybe some tough, bright, wise women can get a spot on TV or the internet.  They can give the relationshp advice and other chatter that passes for news for too many weak women – in a powerful Proverbs 31 way.  They can show a Molly Pitcher, or frontier woman’s – actually any era of real American women – fierce bravery, family love and foundational Christian faith.

Oprah’s moral relativism was preached in the accents of women from great, triumphant, we-shall-overcome Christianity.  Oprah was like a false prophet preaching blather to good hearted American women – without retort or accountabilty.

Joyce Meyer could fill Oprah’s shoes – the cups of her audience to overflowing.  With real deal love and sound advice.


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