Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 20, 2009

59 and Counting

Papa and Colin

This week my 59th birthday passed with the speed of going through a yield sign when you can see the way clearly.  So, now I am 59 years old and counting – to infinity.

I’m only a year away from the age of my father, James Albert Bowden, when he died.  Haven’t had his heart attacks and heart disease – from his 46th year.   Passed a nuke stress test in June with no problems.   Just aware of his age when he stepped into eternity.

Since I teach a Senior Men’s Sunday School class  – and we’ve “graduated” two members in the past year and a half – I talk the act of passing into eternity a fair amount.    Keep referring to what Charles Stanley says – quoting Paul – that absent the body is present with the Lord.  Talk about walking through a door.  There you are.   Your identity, memories, learning intact.  (Be nice to have some lost memories back!  JK)

This birthday 3 grandbabies (1 x 2.5 years and twins x 1.5 years)  sang and laughed at my cake and candles.  Their chorus of “Papa” was almost as sweet to my ears as “Daddy!”   Nothing can replace that happy sound coming through my ears to my heart – when my babies were young.

I’m almost as busy now as when my kids were young.  I’m trying to start a business because I’m running out of rope – in my life line – to ever do it.    See the potential in business associations with devout Christians – earning our daily bread sewing our tents as Brothers.

Reading and writing to be obedient to the message (You will read and write)  I got on March 15th, 1987 for my duty in the community of Christ.

Living in hope, trust and obedience to my personal covenant for Isaiah 59:21. 

Failing, as all men, with sin of thought, word and deed in daily life – and forgiven by Grace.   Led to do works in faith.  Serving family to the best of my imperfect ability.  See my ministry in the politcial activism, small group Bible study, writing blog, face book, op eds – and the glacially slow progress on next novel.  And only touching the other projects waiting their turn for my attention in time.   

Grateful for love in family and hope for the future.  Grateful for every day.  Grateful for good health and real vigor.   Grateful, and amused, that mentally I feel as strong and full of life as when I was 25 year old Airborne, Ranger Infantry Officer.

Thankful for Jesus.  Thankful for the Bible.  Thankful for freedoms. Thankful the Lord Provides. 

Ready for whatever comes next.   Day by day.  Even that step through the door, if it came suddenly. 

And, after 5 years, still miss my dog buddy, Coal.




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