Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 6, 2009

The Problem With Being Muslim and American

Muslims praying at capitol

Muslim and American Are Conflicting Terms

 A Muslim-Army major murdered many people and wounded many more at Ft Hood today.   Since 1775 no Christian or Jewish officer has ever done that.   Yet, it isn’t a surprise that a Muslim officer would do it – if he were a devout Muslim.   A Muslim-American officer has to choose to be a devout Muslim or a good American.  One can not be both.

Read the Koran.  Read the Haddith.  Read History.  Read the news. 

The Koran says to attack Jews and Christians by name and other non-believers in Islam.   If a Muslim chooses to never attack Jews, Christians and other non-believers then he must reject, ignore, or disobey part of the Koran and the Hadith. 

The Koran says that Muslims must live under Sharia Law.  Americans live under secular law in a Judeo-Christian culture, civilization and nation.  If a devout Muslim wants to be a good American he must reject, ignore, or disobey part of the Koran and the Hadith.

But, Islam teaches submission to God by following all of the Koran and Hadith.  No exception.  No exemptions. 

Best wishes to every Muslim who is willing to compromise his relatively (to Western Civilization) barbarian religion and deny ever living under Sharia Law – to be a good American.  

Because every Muslim who won’t deny the desire or possibility of ever having Sharia Law in the U.S. isn’t – by definition – an American.  He may hold the passport that says he is American.  But, supporting Sharia Law in the U.S. is anathema to the ideas that define an American.   Believing all of the Koran – as Islam teaches for good Muslims – is an essential rejection of being an American.

No one can be a devout, whole hog (pun intended) Muslim and good American.  Sharia Law is bizarro world, ancient barbarism, backward and wholly incompatible to the U.S and Virginia Codes of Laws.  

If the Ft Hood memorial service for the victims includes a Muslim iman, the audience should show a little Elijah and the priests of Baal and Asheroth sensitivity.  Boo him when he prays to Allah in public or just stand up and turn the back.



  1. Try throwing shoes, I hear that they really like that.

    You can, in fact, be a Muslim and a good American. The Koran passages that talk of fighting others also states that when the others are peaceful, then you too shall be peaceful. People who like to demonize the Muslims seem to always forget the follow-on passages.

    By a strange coincidence, those who like to selectively use the passages of the Koran to incite others, also conveniently leave out parts that call for peace.

    As for our national cultural environment, I’ve had enough, “DIVERSITY.”

    It is time to close the door to Muslim immigration and to deport those who can legally be deported. Those Muslims with citizenship, should have any clearances that they hold reviewed, as well as given psychological evaluations.

    Have YOU had enough DIVERSITY yet?

  2. If being a good Muslim means believing everything in the Koran and the Hadith, then you can’t be a good American.

    Believing in everything in the Koran means believing in Sharia Law – and living under it.

    Sharia law and America are incompatible concepts.

    You can have one or the other. I knew this way pre-9-11 when I read the Koran.

    The parts for peace in the Koran are when Moe was worried about his survival in Medina. After he won his fights and took Mecca, the tune changes – and, guess what, the later verses are more authoritative in Islam than the earlier.

    It isn’t demonizing Muslims to say the Koran leads to violence. It is an empirical fact that can be tested and proven since 622 AD.

  3. I do not disagree with your legitimate criticisms of Muslims and their record of past battles, but you are omitting part of the history, both ancient and recent, where Muslim leaders have acted in a merciful manner toward their own people, to Jews and to Christians.

    During the Crusades, for example, after the Muslim forces re-took Jerusalem from the Crusaders, the Muslim leader was urged to kill all of the 1000 captured Christians. Instead, he freed all of the men and sent them home to their families. This act of mercy, did not end the Crusades, but it did pave the way for a somewhat permanent truce and joint occupancy of Jerusalem arranged with King Richard, the Lion Hearted.

    In recent times, when our SEALs were caught behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, one of the SEALs approached a local resident and asked for protection. This lone Afghan citizen told the Taliban that the man in his home was under his protection and that he would not surrender him to them, thereby saving that sailor’s life.

    I totally agree that America needs to act positively to remove Muslims from our country who pose a threat. We should further tighten immigration and visitation policies to greatly restrict more Muslims from coming here. We should work with Canada and Mexico about restricting Muslim entry thee as well.

    As for Hasan, we are not certain if he was the murderer. If he survives, perhaps we will hear him explain what happened. I do not think he was framed, but knowing our government, I would not rule such a possibility out as quickly today as I would have ten years ago.

  4. Read more history. For every act of Muslim mercy there were 1,000 atrocities. Since 622 AD. Same story.

  5. JAB, You are correct about Islam.

    I was the G5 of the 7th ID in 1990-91. We had recently returned, standing down and refitting, from Operation Just Cause in Panama when the Saddam madness started. We were tasked to provide mobilization support for reserve and guard units mobilizing and training at Fort Ord prior to deployment, and to ready our own unit for possible deploymnet.

    My job was to provide country studies and training support and to develop assessments/briefs from cultural studies. Whisch I did.

    I had trained Arab and other Islamic Officers before so I was aware of some traditions, but was a European Specialist and not an Islam expert. This much I knew from experience: Muslims are absolutely indoctrinated and convinced of the certainty of their religion. Even a “Westernized” Muslim is dogmatic. Only the rare Muslim who is apostate, according to his faith, is what we would call ‘enlightened’ in thinking. Islam is an ethnocentric, violent, religious personality cult that has never renounced violence as a means of spreading the faith.

    I consulted with the Islamic professor at my Masters Alma Mater, the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey about the best way to prepare units deploying for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He advised me that while many Muslims are well aware of the teachings of ‘peace’ and ‘hospitality’ and practice them with those in need or as a gesture. They are also quite willing to fight you the next day when you leave the protection of their hospitality. He advised that Islam would never submit to co-existence with the West. He advised that we be polite and courteous in our dealind with Muslims but never assume that you have their confidence. And, don’t bother trying to discuss Christianity or Judaism or any other faith with them. That is an insult to Islam which they consider to be the highest faith. He handed me a Koran, and told me everything I needed to know was in there. He said the contradictions therein, in no way confuse the Muslim. They are therefore able to eat dinner with you today and slit your throat tomorrow. You are an infidel.

    Islam means ‘submission’ … many mistakenly report that Islam means ‘peace.’ Peace in Soviet Doctrine meant total destruction of the foe and submission to communism. So it is with Islam. Further, during the totalitarian era of the 1930s-40s. Peace is not how we understand it. They do indeed share Hitler’s vision of a Final Solution of the Jews, the ‘dogs and monkeys’ of the world.

    We must rid our Armed Service of all Muslims who will not fight for the United States against Islamic terrorists and Jihadists.

    The sensitive Liberal will be disappointed to hear this and may call me a bigot, but Islam is incompatible with American constitutional republicanism. The long term Islamic plan is to establishe a Caliphate in the US. We ignore this reality at our own peril.

    Let the reader note that this Arab Killer was a citizen of the US, educated at Virginia Tech, became a Doctor in the US Military Health Services College, did his specialty residency in Psychiatry at Walter Reed and was a commissioned Field Grade Officer. He violated his oath, his honor, and committed a treasonous act of terrorism and murder.

    I believe that any Muslim who betrays his oath of citizenship or oath of office shoud be treated as the traitor that they are, just as any other citizen would be treated. This is not bigotry, it is national self-defense.

    WR Mann

  6. Sorry, I have to add my opinion here.

    I absolutely and utterly disagree. One can be Muslim and an American. It’s called biculturalism and exists in the US and globally, and does work.

    You say that “Sharia law and America are incompatible concepts”. This is based on your assumptions that “The Koran says to attack Jews and Christians by name and other non-believers in Islam. If a Muslim chooses to never attack Jews, Christians and other non-believers then he must reject, ignore, or disobey part of the Koran and the Hadith”.

    Where does the Koran say I must attack non-Muslims? Rather it says “the closest people to you are the Christians” and “those who believe in a god, a last day, and do good, they are the righteous”.

    I guess you wouldn’t have come across those when your googling information about the Koran from anti-Muslim websites.

    • The Koran explicitly states that “…god never loves the starters of war”. This extends to war over religious matters or otherwise.
    • In a passage about non-Muslims the Koran also says “you have your way of life, and I have mine” which is similar to the western euphemism of ‘live and let live’.
    • The Koran states “… we made you into different nations… so that you may get to know one another”. This implies that one must not shut out or avoid other cultures or peoples, but rather educate themselves, and get to know them.
    • The Koran teaches that when one resides in a non-Muslim nation, they must adhere to their rules, do what they do, and even eat what they eat, in so far as is permissible by Islam. This is similar to the western euphemism of ‘when in Rome, do what the Romans do”.

    You have forgotten the fundamental fact that Islam is intended as a way of life, and as such tends to be rather complicated, as is life. For every rule, there is an exception. For EVERY rule there is an exception.

    I am a Muslim, and I am a New Zealander, I have no problem being both, and have never had any problem being both.

    • Ahmed, either you don’t know the Koran and Haddith or follow them or you are engaging in Taquiya (sp).

      So, the Koran doesn’t command all Muslims to live under and submit to Sharia Law?

      Sharia law and Western Civilization – and US citizenship – don’t go together.

      As long as you are compromising the Koran and Haddith and behaving properly in Western culture – then good for you. Hope you encourage more of your co-religionists to reform your religion by ignoring parts of the Koran.

  7. Your anti-Muslim hatred is ugly and IMO unAmerican, and the reasoning twisted to reach a conclusion that is contrary to observed reality.

    I could easily pick and choose facts to construct similar ad-absurdum arguments to “prove” that Christian fundamentalists have the same quandary to choose between their dangerous faith and their country, though experience teaches that this isn’t the case. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    As far as I’m concerned, both Christians and Muslims are deluded and worship non-existent Big Men in the Sky. (And then have comical arguments over which of their respective imaginary friends is real, or whether they’re referring to the same imaginary friend.) However, I don’t think that somebody who doesn’t believe (or disbelieve) as I do automatically makes them stupid, bad, or (more to the point) my enemy. I give Muslims the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t mad bombers just as I give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren’t a disciple of Eric Rudolph.

    • My anti-Islamism is American as apple pie. There is no hatred. I hate no one. I oppose Islam as, I hope, Elijah opposed Baal and Asheroth. You may presume hatred on my part because your words flow from the overflow of your heart. Not mine.

      You could fabricate any argument you like. It will lose in the market place of ideas.

      The Father is spirit. Jesus was wholly man and wholly God in spirit. The Holy Ghost is spirit. Sorry you didn’t get the memo – its in the Bible.

      Only 10% of Muslims are Islamists. Supposedly only 5% of the Muslims in the US are Islamists. Yet, the other 95% need to renounce the Koran for every passage about imposing Sharia law in the US. Sharia is anti-thetical to the Constitution. So, all supporters of Sharia – and perhaps many American Muslims are willing to compromise the Koran to NOT support Sharia – are domestic enemies of the Constitution.

  8. Please tell me which passage in the Koran states that Muslims must live under Sharia law.

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