Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 26, 2009

Tragedy of Tolerance

William & Mary Homecoming queen

The He/She/It Homecoming Queen 2009

The College of William & Mary undergraduates selected a very troubled classmate as their Homecoming Queen.  Certainly it was all a big joke to many of them.  All done in great fun.  And the young man, who sometimes is a girl or might have the operations to become an ersatz surgical and chemical girl sorta, said he had only compliments.   This approving atmosphere must mean that Tolerance (always with a cap like another narrative icon – Diversity) is quite the fashi0n at William & Mary. 

Tolerance is the politically correct mix of bias, prejudice and perversion that makes some speech approved and some speech, down to specific words, Verboten.   Tolerance stains some folks with original and unfogiveable imputed sins of their ancestry.  Tolerance forgives other folks, known as protected classes of persons, any and all thoughts, words or behaviors.  Tolerance estblishes a hierarchy of evil and a mirror of grades of good under the Liberal Human Secularist trinity of race, class and gender(s).  Tolerance promotes laws against thought crimes – and calls them hate speech and hate crimes.  Tolerance suppresses the wrong free speech because the Tolerant ideas of the twin totalitarianisms – Human Secularism and Islam – can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas.   Tolerance diminishes good and enhances evil as it tries to blur the lines between the two.

But, there is no justice without a judgement dividing innocent from guilty, good from bad, right from wrong,  righteous from evil.

In addition to the compliments, the transgendered Homecoming Queen heard, there should be other messages.  (Isn’t it nice that every deviation of sexuality and sexual behavior has its own neutral name now?)

One message given her/him/it in private should be a word of concern.  “I’m sorry that someone put you up to this.  They are mocking you as much as milking you for their Liberal agenda.  I hope you can find the best way to be a man, soon.”

Or, “I’ll be praying for you.  I’d be glad to listen any time.  I’m sure you are conflicted, but you can get help to be a normal, straight man.”

And, variations on that theme that show compassion and empathy for his/her/its gender issues.   Yet, an optimism that he/she/it can get well and whole.   With the clear goal that getting better isn’t about promoting perversity and calling it normal, right, inclusive, tolerant, good or honorable.   An assurance that joy and peace are found in the Bible – where the truth of Jesus, not a surgeon’s knive will set him/her/it free.

There’s another thing worse that supporting the intolerance of Tolerance.  It is tragedy of promoting and honoring what should not be promoted or honored.   And being heedless and heartless to unanswered suffering of a severely disturbed young person.



  1. “I’ll be praying for you. I’d be glad to listen any time. I’m sure you are conflicted, but you can get help to be a normal, straight man.”

    I’m sure you won’t see the incredible problems with the above statement so let me just say,

    Tolerance allows you to call her a “He/She/It”;

    Tolerance allows you to express your incredibly vile perspective;

    Tolerance allows you to express your beliefs as though they are the only ones;

    Tolerance is what makes this Country great, the idea that you can speak your incredible vitriol against people you don’t understand or are different as though you have the moral imperative.

  2. S: I have the moral imperative. Deal with it.

    “Vile”, “vitriol” in my words? LOL. You see and speak from the overflow of your heart, not mine.

    Having pity, sadness and lovingkindness caring for a kid that messed up is agape.

  3. JAB:
    Spot on!

  4. I have a niece who used to be my nephew. Our family always knew there was something weird about that kid, then one day when he was nineteen, he informed his mother that he was going to transition to the female gender. His mother, the typical hippie chick who had become a religious fanatic and raised her children in one of those Assembly of God evangelical places, was at first aghast. She later resigned to the fact that the kid was going to be a girl, no matter what all of that Bible-thumping had taught them.

    My niece is still a weird kid, but she is happy and probably will live the rest of her life in girl mode.

    I know, based on her experience, that Christians are always either, threatening her or telling her about how they will pray for her. Meanwhile, she was ostracized from her former “Assembly of God” The so-called pastor announced at a service that my niece was possessed by evil and that mothers should, guard their children. The clear implication from the “pastor” was that transsexuals were child predators, which, of course, is totally false. However, that comment by the preacher man incited some of the young men to take upon themselves the “duty” to punish this supposed transgressor.

    After a series of assaults, committed in front of many witnesses, who oddly could never recall seeing anything that happened, My niece moved to another state where she now lives in peace.

    Transgenderism has always been a part of the human condition. Only in recent decades have humans been able to actually change their outward appearance to match what they believe is their true gender.

    That William & Mary made a mockery of their homecoming queen event shows that the students have contempt for such traditions, and apparently a pretty low opinion of their genetic women on campus. The queen, after all, is supposed to represent their ideal; so at W&M their ideal of feminine beauty is a transsexual.

    My advice is that transsexuals be treated with the same courtesy that is afforded any other citizen.

    As for W&M and their making a mockery of a longstanding tradition, if you find that offensive, take such behavior into account when it comes time for hiring new talent (if America’s economy ever recovers) and simply do not hire graduates from schools like William and Mary or the University of Richmond, both of which are contemptuous of traditional values and societal norms.

  5. Clarise,

    I can’t tell if you are tolerant or intolerant? You seem to support your nephew/niece’s decision to change genders because although unfortunate, you see that it makes her happy. You also seem to be aghast at her treatment from those who are intolerant. In the next breath you preach intolerance by seeking retribution against people from institutions who’s views do not mirror your own? Whichever they are.
    The facts are that nearly nobody attending colleges today know or care about their Homecoming Queen. Candidates are always elected by a small and organized group that have a voting block. Obviously this young person was elected not by the general student body but by an organized fraction group of the college with the intent to tear down another bastion of traditionalism.
    I attended W&M nearly two decades ago and believe it or not the majoritynof the student body was and I believe still is very conservative. The administration, as with most universities has for the last thirty years been quite liberal and Even twenty years ago the gay and lesbian culture had a place there. They used to call themselves “alternatives” because they were seeking acceptance of alternative lifestyles. As with all liberal agendas i think they have “progressed” from that name to seek an even more mainstream position with regard to acceptance.
    In any case, retribution is not an answer here and quite honestly I feel very sorry for this young person. Not because of her/his role as Homecoming Queen but because I can’t think that this person made a choice in life to have this issue. I think it’s a genetic problem without religious roots. Just as a special interest groups should not lift this condition to a lofty height, conservatives (and I count myself among them) should not seek to demonize or villify this person or broad brush an entire institution because of the acts of a few. .

  6. How can we “tolerate” anything we have no matter in?

    It is what it is.

    No one can “tolerate” my ethnicity, religious preference, or even my sexual preference for that matter because it is beyond your power.

    I can’t change my race and wouldn’t even if I could, so if I allow someone to “put up” (which is exactly what tolerance means in a nutshell) with my race, then the weight of feeling inferior or inadequate like some hump back ogre in a bell tower wishing for acceptance amongst the masses will weigh too heavily on my poor human shoulders.

    The ultimate penalty will be severe unhappiness and rejection of self that will only be paid by me. At the end of the day, I’m the only one living my life so if it kills my spirit… it is only my spirit that has tragically died and not the person patting himself on the back for attempting to “tolerate” me.

    The Homecoming Dude is whatever he chooses to be and it isn’t putting anyone else’s life in danger so why is this even an issue? Who did he hurt? Who was murdered by his need to be a chick or whatever the issue at hand is?

    To me, it’s all quite simple: Using the definition of tolerance in this instance and instances like it should be eliminated.

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