Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 21, 2009

Evidence of End Times for American Civilization

This is evidence of the end times for American Civilization – unless We, The People fix the Nation.  The evidence comes from where America began – in Virginia.  Williamsburg, no less.  The College of William and Mary, second oldest college in the country,  got rid of its mascot – the Tribe – lest the idea of a tribe of Indians as mascots offend Indians.  Using the image of Indians as an icon of courage, athletic ability and team spirit is demeaning to the Puritan Liberals, the Keepers of PC.

So, here is what is being considered:

Nothing like a wren as an icon for college athletics

Nothing like a wren as an icon for college athletics

What wussiness.  Such wussification. 

William and Mary should choose a symbol that strikes fear and trembling across college campuses.   The College of William and Mary’s new mascot should be the “armed, Indian-fighting, actively procreating heterosexual, married, White, Protestant, English-speaking, 17th century Virginia Colonial settler.”   Liberal athletes, students and faculty will quake in terror.  Great pyschological advantage in any game.

And, there are plenty of costumes available in Williamsburg.

If William and Mary wanted to go all the way in creating a mascot to terrorize, they could choose the later colonial settlers – the 18th Century Scot-Irish who settled in The Valley and the mountains from Maine to Georgia.  After a generation of isolation on the frontier – fending for themselves – they were called “white savages.”   Scary, huh?  These people forged the dominant sub-culture that pushed the frontier all the way to the Pacific. 

Settlers and frontiersmen – those would be good mascots.

When you stop laughing, consider what you teach your children.  Are they PC pukes  or proud American exceptionalists?  Will they defend American Civilization – and save Western Civilization or be wusses who deserve to live under nanny state socialist totalitarianism or Sharia law?


  1. Terrible I know, but at least on the plus side we could have our iconic feathers back without “offending” anyone.

  2. The Tribe can be saved the same way it was twenty years ago: go to the actual tribes in southeast Virginia. Back then, *every* *single* *tribe* called on W&M to *keep* the Tribe.

  3. the “fighting wrens”? more like the “fabulous wrens”….if students are worked up about offending people by the Tribe mascot then they aren’t being challenged enough academically, i.e., they have too much time on their hands.

  4. As a W&M-educated student of history, what really saddens me is that the Wren motif will further perpetuate the absurd myth that Christopher Wren actually had anything to do with the Wren Building. Good grief, W&M. Stop the Christopher Wren lie. Wren was the toast of London society, the pinnacle of architects and didn’t design some rather pedestrian building stuck in the middle of a swamp in the hinterlands!

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