Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 20, 2009

Futures Tutorial 24: Society – Implications for Virginia

Social Challenges in Virginia 2005-15

Social Challenges in Virginia 2005-15


So, in 1990-92, what did we think would be the social challenges of 2005-2015.  Pretty much linear extrapolation of problems then.  The illegal immigrant issue was seen in another presentation as a large threat to the U.S.  But, it didn’t come up on our radar as a specific social challenge.  Looks like we never quessed that both Democrat and Republican administrations would not enforce our sovereign borders and immigration laws. 

The U.S. Culture War, our third American Civil War (ACW III), has a nice demarcation start point with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to end prayer in public schools.  This KulturKampf continues unabated.  The sides are becoming more polarized.  The moderate, mushy middle is thinning out.  It will keep going until either the Free market, individual rights, rule of law, Judeo-Christian culture from the American Revolution (ACW I) or the socialist, group rights, rule of elites, Human Secularist culture from the French Revolution wins.  The winner will face Islam in a global death struggle – after Europe becomes Muslim by the end of this century – unless things really change.


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