Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 19, 2009

Futures Tutorial 23: Education and Economics

15 Year Projection for Education and Economics

15 Year Projection for Education and Economics

Still pushing my way through the Army 21 long range futures study – as I shaped it to fit Virginia’s future for the same period.  Which is now.  The work was done 15 years before hand (and the crowd went, “Ah!”).  Also, I know I could make two blog entries out of this, but I want to move on and finish this series of Futures Tutorials, or least the series on this work from 1990-92.

You read the slide from left to right, as we are wont to do in Western Civilization.  The Issues column is what we projected – and I edited for Virginia – as issues in the disciplines of Education and Economics – in the far away future of 2005-2015.  The Questions column are the short labels of what question needs to be resolved to settle the issue.   The Idea column is what fundamental idea in the discipline – as it relates to Virginia and America – is in dispute in that foggy future of 2005-2015.

Not a bad projection of today – from 1990-92, right? 

In the Economics section please note the idea of creating capital.  It is the sina qua non of improving economic health.  Creating capital means real capital representing services and goods to be exchanged.  It isn’t the BHO and his socialist lackeys, laughingly called Democrats, and their tools in the LeftMedia, fawning over Government printed money.  That isn’t capital.  That is the phoney capital that creates inflation.  It passes for money, but just for awhile.

And, please see one of the reasons BHO got elected.   The tough shake downs of the Industrial Economy transforming into the Information Economy causes human pain and suffering.  Less than destroying either economy – as many Americans will soon find out under BHO.  But, those tough adjustments call into question what is the social contract for citizens – and what does it mean for the role of government and business in a mixed economy (actually “government and business in a mixed economy” was the title of one of the best courses I took in grad schools.  The late Dick Darman and Roger Porter.)

The word ‘finitudes’ is a term I made up.  It means the truly finite resources of Virginia, or any political geography, in water, air, land and time (labor) of its people.

I’d be glad to discuss any point and what the thinking was in 1990-2.   Likewise, where are we today and how far on or off the mark was this long range future ‘analysis’.  Or, for the real geeks among us – more on the methodology that brought these findings.   Or, not.


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