Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 15, 2009

3.6 Million Reasons Why Obama Fails

3.6 million - new - unemployed Americans

3.6 million - new - unemployed Americans

The study of economics – micro and macro – includes consideration for the amount of time it takes for an input to the economic system – a stimulus bill, a bailout, or a tax cut – to have its full effect.  Nowhere in that body of knowledge is it taught that an input that is supposed to have a positive effect will have the directly opposite – negative – effect for oveer 9 months.   Especially, when there are no other negative inputs – like rising energy costs, huge natural disasters, or destructive wars interupting foreign trade.

So, why have 3.6 million Americans lost their jobs since B. Hussein Obama took office?  Because of socialism.  Whether it is called progressive, investing, saving, or just plain Democrat partisan politics – socialism never works.  Socialism never will work.  Fascism – the government intervention in economics – doesn’t work either – when it follows socialist planning.

The chart illustrates the incompetence of the Obama administration and the Democrat leadership in Congress.  Bush and the Republicans presided over the end stages over the disease that was the Housing Bubble.  It was a painful blip that should have hurt for a year – if left alone by government.  It should have knocked the Dow Jones down to the 10-11,00o range – where it is coming back up today – and then America would move on and up. 

But, the job losses and their pain, hardship and humiliation  – and then home foreclosure, car repossession, etc. are all on this administration.  Blame it on their incompetence or their criminal Marxist ideology.  It doesn’t matter.  B. Hussein Obama created the job losses and will continue to make them worse – as long as he remains clueless and there is no veto-proof majority of CONSTITUTIONAL  Republicans in Congress.


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