Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 14, 2009

Futures Tutorial #21: Technology and Virginia 2005-2015 – from 1991.

What technology would change - as forecasted in 1991

What technology would change - as forecasted in 1991

Back to finishing off this series.  We’re working through the implications of change for the years 2005-2015 – from our study, Army 21, in 1990-92.   The point of the futures study – the implications adn findings  – were modifed from the Army and the U.S. by me – to see what matters for Virginia. 

The Information technologies were predicted to make a differences in the areas listed.   The changes would raise questions listed.  And the fundamental ideas at crossroads in the future – actually which is right now – are listed. 

I know I missed the phony techonology divide some politicians lamented in the 1990’s.  It was a temporal and phony point for pols to pontificate and pander. 

I didn’t put efficiencies in government productivity or cost savings.  Didn’t predict it in the 90s and not sure it actually happens. 

One thing I am certain we missed is the opportunity to put the legislative sessions and executive administrative procedures on line.  Early and for their entire cycles to make decisions.  Watching bills go through the General Assembly is a great step forward in participation from many of  The People.

And, it isn’t clear if political freedoms of ‘speech’ on the internet will ebb or flow. 


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