Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 1, 2009

Rush Is Right Again – On the Way Forward

Rush Limbaugh

Here is an  excerpt from Rush’s program the other day –

“RUSH: Wait, hear me out. It’s going to lead to people say, “Both parties are the same, there’s no difference, Republicans and Democrats.” What we have to focus on here is taking back the Republican Party. I think there is enough rage right now, and if it sustains itself, and it will, Obama’s not going to stop any of this garbage, and the Democrats are not going to stop, so it will sustain itself.

SUSAN FROM GLENDALE, CA: And we have to take back the party and revitalize it —

RUSH: Yeah.

SUSAN FROM GLENDALE, CA: — with true conservatives.

RUSH: Exactly. That’s what has to happen. But at some point just voting against people is not enough.


RUSH: It will be enough in 2010. But who we gonna elect in place of them? Where are the candidates going to come from?


RUSH: I’m talking particularly now the House and the Senate. I mean you talked about the RINOs in the Senate, and there are a lot of them, and they’re scared to death of the media in Washington, they’re scared to death of being called racists, they’re scared to death of having happen to them what happens to Sarah Palin. They’re scared to death of having happen to them what happened to Joe Wilson. So they’ve got their own fear they have to overcome. They don’t understand that they’ve got an army of people. Even after all the campaign contributions Joe Wilson got, they still don’t see there’s an army of people willing to back ’em up if they would just lead. There’s an army of people ready to follow ’em.”

I’ve been writing this for awhile.  Constitutional Republicans need to take over the GOP.  The Constitutional Republicans include Conservatives, Libertarians and newly aroused and awakened Independents.

1. If we could find the candidates to run as Constitutional Republicans in 435 House and about 30 Senate races in 2010, there are the numbers and energy to combine to win the nomination – and enough elections.   Better than 1994.

2. A test to see if a candidate is a Constitutional Republican instead of an Establishment Republican is ask, “Will you co-sponsor legislation to return Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare to the states – and govern with the powers as written in the Constitution?  Yes or No?”

I love it when I’m so closely in synch with Rush.   His political gut is genius compared to my years of education and study.



  1. You can’t “take back” something that no longer is there.

    The Republican Party of today is nothing more than a front for the multinational oligarchs.

    Reagan is dead and he is not coming back.

    Face reality: The Republican Party must be replaced with a new party; one that will stand for limiting government to its Constitutional limits and that will be an effective, consistent voice for traditional values.

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