Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 22, 2009

GEN Petraus Speaks on His Two Campaigns


Heard GEN Dave Petraus speak for almost two hours (unclassified) to the annual Infantry conference today.  First time I’ve heard him speak.  Met him once when he came by when he was at Ft. Monroe to say “Hi” almost 20 years ago.   We both had taught in the same department at West Point, but didn’t have any overlap.  So, we had heard of each other, but never met.  He’s done right well since then.  Our paths haven’t crossed since then – literally or figuratively.

GEN Petraus gave an excellent exposition on the two campaigns – the MSM calls them wars – and naval engagements he commands for the U.S. 

Fun to hear him describe the enemies as “barbaric”  – as I do.   And to use the metaphor of a den of poisonous snakes which I used in my post 9-11 op ed (see 9-11 this year for a reposting).

No surprises in his presentation.  Made me think more about my metaphor of the U.S. Indian Wars = WW Against Islamists.  I can see the big difference in how the U.S. Army approaches Muslim allies and the Muslim populations and how it dealt with Indian Allies and the Indian people.  And, how different it is when the war is outside what the Nation claims as its own country – which means there is no frontier full of settlers – especially the Scot-Irish. 

So, how do Muslims end the threat of Islamists?   The complete unity of mosque and state in Islam creates the opportunity for rulers to prescribe what is taught by imams in mosques.  Except, the text of the Koran and the Haddith point to all the bloody mayhem and murder of conquest through Jihad.  So, either a Muslim Reformation and Enlightenment have to reject the actual text or say the words mean something other than what they say.  Or, a ruler can simply forbid the mosques from teaching Jihad and ignore the texts calling for Jihad – like how the Turkish Army has Westernized – sort of – and secularized Turkey.   (Unfortunately, Turkey is slipping back behind the black veil of Islamic civilization to its relative barbarism. )

Another solution is the Reconquista the Spanish and Normans completed in Spain and Sicily and the liberation of the Balkans.  Two different models for freeing people and land from Muslim occupation.  No one in the West – even the Serbs – have the will for either right now.   Europe doesn’t even have the heart to defend itself, populate itself, evangelize or hold its own borders.   Reads like the impotence of American elites, liberals/socialists – our dhimmis-in-waiting. 

Hundreds of years from now students of military history will read how Dave Petraus improved the military situation in two campaigns.  But, just as the French absolutely cleaned the clocks of the insurgents in Algeria (1954-1962) militarily, the war wasn’t decided in Algeria or by the military on the battlefield.   We’ll see someday in the future who wins in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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