Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 17, 2009

The National Conversation on Race Is Finally Here

The long-awaited national conversation on Race finally took place.  Former President Carter accused critics of President Obama of racism.  That sparked the final outing of truth on Race in America – the  2009 version. 

Three people spoke for 300 million Americans.  A third of the country is Liberal.  A third of the country is Independent – with folks leaning every which a way on different issues – moment to moment.  A third of the country is Conservative.  Conservatives are a majority in the South – which is a third of America.  So, our three voices are:

  • The Liberal – who likes to be called Progressive, but whose real full name is Socialist Secular Humanist.
  • The Moderate – who  is an Independent – includes Libertarians, many Establishment Republicans who are Conservatives of convenience, and some of the dying breed of Blue Dog Democrats
  • The Southerner – who is a Conservative and a believing, practicing Christian or Jew – starting to call himself “Constitutional Republican” – and allies himself with Constitutional Republicans across the country.

The Liberal began, “All white Americans, except Progressives, are racists.”

The Moderate said, “Please don’t call me a racist.”

The Southerner said, “Racist is as racist does.  People who practice identity politics and worship the trinity of Race, Class and Gender(s) are real racists.”

The Liberal said, “All Republicans are racists.”

The Moderate trembled, “Please, please, don’t call me a racist.”

The Southerner said, “Democrats shifted their demagoguery about race from segregation to affirmative action.  Same divisions, just different targets for race-based politics – and race hustling business.”

The Liberal said, “Old Southern Democrats morphed into Republicans.  All Republican Southerners are really segregationists and really awful racists.”

The Moderate mumbled, “Please don’t call me a segregationist.”

The Southerner said, “Christians had a transformation of the heart.  They heard Dr. King.  They follow the second greatest Commandment.  Sorry you missed it.”

The Liberal said, “Christians are racists.  Christians are Isalmaphobes, too.”

The Moderate whispered, “Please don’t call me an Islamaphobe.”

The Southerner said, “Southerners know we’re in a long, long, long World War against the Islamists.  Southerners love the Jews and support Israel.  No matter what.  We, too, know from our oral history to never lose a war again.”

The Liberal said, “Southerners aren’t allowed to speak about the Confederacy – unless they’re groveling for forgiveness.  Southerners are never allowed to disagree with Progressives – forever – because of the permanent stain of shame for slavery, the Confederacy, the Klan, and segregation.  Any Southern, Republican, White, Conservative, Christian who disagrees with a Progressive – supports slavery and secession today – just like Jimmy Carter said.  President Carter is a good Southerner.  Congressman Wilson is a typically evil Southerner.”

The Moderate asked, “So, anyone who opposes more taxing, spending, stimulus, bailouts, takeover, czars, apologizing for America, intervention in the businesses, dictating corporate pay, government takeover of healthcare, prosecuting the CIA, supporting dictators and beating up allies like Honduras, Columbia, and Israel, whatever – is a racist?”

The Liberal raised an eyebrow, “Yes.  Of course.”

The Southerner took a deep breath and said, “I’d shower you, Socialist, with the songs of the Psalms, but your lack of knowledge of the Bible exceeds your ignorance of the Constitution and American history.  So, let me paraphrase some Psalms and just invite you to descend to the lower places in the earth.  Or, say, just bless your heart, if you know how to translate that.”

And the conversation was complete – for 2009.



  1. Here’s the thing, I believe that while deciding if Progressives wanted Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as their new front man (ops, sorry, not P.C. enough – I shudda said “front person) there were back room strategy discussions that weighed the usefulness of the powerful race card that Barack Obama offered the Socialist Humanist Secularists as a “shield” of sort – sort of their perverse version of the armor of god, so to speak – against the two-fer combination of the actual experience and skill of Hillary Clinton and the star power of Bill Clinton. After all, the young community organizer really didn’t have adequate experience to serve as a the President of the United States. It was a quandary. In the end the real irony and hypocrisy of the decisions was the political strategists calculations to take advantage of racial prejudice within the black community to run a “black candidate” and then use a vast political GOTV organization that included taxpayer funded criminal enterprises like ACORN to turn out the black vote by inspiring a whole lot of “African Americans” who hadn’t voted in years to show up at vote for a black president – black folks impassioned by the opportunity for some racial “payback” and who turned out in droves stirred by a media driven Progressive mythology that somehow these Americans were personally wronged by slavery that ended generations before they were born.

    So what we have is a Progressive strategy based on exploiting racial prejudice to elect a black president as a shield to hide behind whenever clear thinking citizens object the Progressive agenda being forced upon them by a Democratically controlled Congress, Senate, and White House.

  2. Thanks, Reid.

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