Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 14, 2009

Meanings for the 9-12 March on Washington

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The meaning of the 9-12 march on Washington had as many meanings as marchers.  Which was from 60 thousand to 2 million.  The variance in those numbers measures the gaping distance between those on the Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Obamorons and anti-Socialists, MSM and bloggers connected to experts, and on and on for every pro and con, for and anti-, phile and phobe we can name.  As everything else in American Cvilization there are the complex individual lives who lived it and there are simple narratives for the big picture. 

The story for the 9-12 march in 2o09 is an avalanche at the end of summer.   The snow pack has been building for years and years.   The healthcare takeover, Obamacare, by the federal government was the tipping point to start the crushing rush down the mountain.   The 9-12 march was the start of the avalanche, not the crashing end. 

The storm clouds dumped dissent, anger, frustration, fear, and contempt for years.   The professional politicians, the political class from both parties, provided the swirling hot air that soaked up the moisture to make those clouds.  The establishment businesses whose business is to lobby the federal government to keep government from harming business or to game government for gain – gave more energy to the storms.

Now the snow pack is moving.  Or, changing metaphors, the sleeping giant has awakened.

In 1998 less than half the country got what was happening in the impeachment of President Clinton.  The Constitution was mocked by Democrats and ignored by too many Republicans.  The Rule of Law was weakened because elected politicians couldn’t, wouldn’t, do their Constitutional duty. 

The election of 2000 made a mockery of the rule of law.  The Left imagined that the Supreme Court of the United States stole the election for Bush, when the Florida Supreme Court was  actually in the process of doing that – ignoring the rule of law.  About half the country or less got it. 

Then, for 8 years the business as usual politics – all about power and money, money and power – marched on.  Spending soared.  Entitlements expanded.  A war was mismanaged.  Finally, the Conservative base had had enough when it came to nomination of Harriet Miers.  And over half the country had had enough when it came to shamnesty for illegal aliens.   A bi-partisan scam to screw the country based on some cheap political calculations was stopped – by The People. 

Republicans were spanked at the polls in 2006 and 2008.    But, before the election whipping of 2008 there were Bush/Republican bail outs and stimulus spending.   There was bi-partisan cluelessness on how to deal with a very large financial bubble.   Actually, there was bi-partisan blindness to sense the darkness of total economic collapse,  and not see a bubble that was like the historic economic bubbles – just bigger. 

After  B. Hussein Obama was inaugurated the moves to intervene in the economy multiplied.  They reached deeper, further, faster, with more grasping for power and control than FDR did in a decade of New Deal dalliances with the economy.   Predictably for economists, the economy got sicker.   Unemployment rose above every BHO estimate and promise.  Every economic failure created personal testimonies in hardships to Liberal incompetence in governance.  But, most Americans are tolerant, forgiving, generous, respectful citizens who will weather through any rough season – until BHO grasped for Healthcare – a sixth of the economy.   And, a personal issue of life and death, well-being and wealth, for every American family. 

The statist and socialists that are the Democrat leadership couldn’t help themselves when it came to Obamacare.  They reached for 1300 pages of nanny state prizes.   They overreached.  They tried to bluff.  They bullied.   They poked the sleeping giant awake.  They cut the swath in new snow that started the avalanche. 

Some people see the mass of the avalanche and think “Third Party.”   Establishment Republicans see a chance to get out in front and pretend to lead it.  

The energy from this avalanche has to go somewhere.  It is another great time of choosing for the American People.  The 60% who are Conservative, Libertarian, Conservative Democrats, Moderates and Independents who lean in many different ways can unite and save the Nation.

The best means to reduce spending, borrowing, intervention, corruption and disregard for the rule of law by the federal government is to return the federal government to its Constitutional limits.  Restore the Constitution.  As written, not imagined by Courts, Congress and Presidents.

It’ll take the elections through 2016 to make the differences that matter.  That long to allow tens of millions of normal, non-demonstrating, un-participating – except for voting, American citizens to return to their real lives. 

It begins with asking candidates for Congress – if they will sponsor legislation to send healthcare, welfare, and retirement back to the states.   Be Constitutional.  Send social security, medicare, medicaid, etc.  back to the states.   A ‘Yes or No’ test for candidates.   Then, hold them accountable until it is done. 

The way to win, is to nominate Constitutional Republican candidates for office in 2010.   Find candidates for 435 districts and a third of the senate – to run as Constitutional Republicans.  It’s a time for choosing.   For giving real meaning to all this marching.

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  1. Jim:
    I agree with what you have written but have one reservation: While I see all the pitfalls of a third party, I fear the Republicans have lost the people(that is conservatives and independents) and I don’t think they trust them enough to come back.

    The energy has to go somewhere, you are right. But will it go to the Republicans? Maybe, but too many I know say that McCain was their last Republican vote. . . they will vote for the real thing next time. They have been put off and ignored too long.

    Even if we put forth “Constitutional Republicans, the RINOs still control the party and the $. Hence, the distrust. I think that they have broken the party beyond repair.

  2. DV: We are in violent agreement. I know how to win the party elections and how to work the primary and general elections. So, I see a clear trail.

    The Tea Party conservatives, libertarians, independent coalition could take over and run Constitutional Republcans in 435 races (lose all safe D seats, but give them a run).

    There’s not that much money in the Party below the National level. Money can be gathered with this kind of energy without party control.

    Could and will are too very, very different words.

    Gotta have nametags – candidates – for the energy to lift and propel.

  3. […] in his post, Meanings for the 9-12 March on Washington (on Deo Vindice), explains what he thinks the march was and is […]

  4. A-FREAKING-MEN! HALLELUJAH! This is the best, most cogent, eloquent description and definition of the TEA Party movement online.

  5. PS. Just sent a link to your post to Instapundit. Hope he likes it. If so, watch for ALOT of traffic….

  6. Problem is the people on the march are following a Pied Piper of big business manipulation. Follow the funding for the tea parties. You will find the monied flag wavers are more interested in advancing their own interests than pursuing a Constitutional Reformation.

    Their reach extends right down to the RPV and is a main reason I will no longer vote for their candidates.

    This avalanche will end like most others through out history. A great rush and noise, followed by melting snow and a return to business as usual. A Million Man March, a Million Person Tea Party, they make you think you actually accomplished something. Then the euphoria wears off and you get back to your life, with a realization that the event had less significance than Woodstock.

  7. Thanks CS.
    Darrell, you are making my point that for this to have meaning Tea Party folks have to get involved in the GOP nominating process to nominate Constitutional Republican candidates, not Establishment Republicans.

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