Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 10, 2009

Who, Whom? for Healthcare

“I believe it was Lenin himself who introduced to Russia the famous phrase “who, whom?” – during the early years of Soviet rulethe byword in which the people summed up the universal problem of a socialist society.  Who plans for whom, who directs and dominates whom, who assigns other people to their station in life, and who is to have hisdue alloted by others.  These become the central issues to be decided by the supreme power.”  F.A. Hayek, “The Road to Serfdom”

So who decides “who, whom?” for Obamacare?  The unelected, unapproved, unvetted Federal Health Choice Commissioner – or Czar of Czars – working in the White House?  Or, the 50 state health choice comissars?

Who decides whom for health mandates?  Who decides who for the inevitable rationing of healthcare?  Who decides whom among competing medicines?  Who decides whom will pay – and how much –  for illegal aliens healthcare?   Who decides whom will pay – and how much for government financed abortions?   Who decides whom – and how much – for every small business to pay in taxes or healthcare costs?  Who decides whom – and how much – for young, healthy people to pay – if they don’t have health insurance.

Who decides whom for every medical choice?

Why should the who be anyone in government?  Why must the whom be you and your family?  

The Constitution doesn’t make healthcare a Federal responsibility or a personal right.    Healthcare from government – Medicare and Medicaid – should be returned to the states. 

But, until that day when government returns the rule a Constitutional Republic – which is when The People make the politicians do it – all Americans need to ask “who, whom?” for Federal healthcare.  For the thousand page plague called Obamacare. 

Who should make every medical choice for me and my family?   We, The People, as individuals.   Now and forever.

Time to make it so.


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