Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 10, 2009

Coming Armed to 9-12 Demonstrations

Bring a broom.  Any size- hand broom will do.  America is way past peasants with pitchforks.   We’re not at Concord bridge, so no need for Patriots packing anything other than a broom.   The broom is to sweep Congress clean.  Sweep Congress clean. 

It’ll take 3 elections to do it.  During the middle election we can get a new President if a Constitutional Republican runs.   Not an Establishment Republican. 

Sweep Congress clean. 

Promote the handful of Constitutional Republicans in the House – Bachman, Pence, etc – to the Senate.   And, okay, how many Constitutional Republican senators are there?  10?   Keep them – but sweep, sweep, sweep.

Sweep the Congress clean.  It’s what you do to clean up after a Tea Party.



  1. Bring one for me. I can’t make it.

    Its my anniversary. And she refuses politics.

    Have other plans.

    Good luck. Sweep them clean. Vote the ALL out.

  2. Hey, I have to go to a wedding – prior committment. Just encouraging the troops to come prepared.

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