Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 9, 2009

Healthcare Show: 3 Stooges on One Stage

3 stooges

Watching the masterpiece political theater of a Presidential address to the joint Session of Congress, I was struck when I suddenly realized that the President and his two closest successors were sharing the TV frame.  President B. Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi shared one stage tonight for the whole healthcare show.   It was 3 Stooges on one stage.

Seriously.  I know they accomplished much in getting elected to where they are.  But the success in their journey to such heights didn’t add to who they are.   And, they didn’t start the trip with much to begin.  

These Stooges are politically sharp, but lack wisdom.  Discerning to get elected, but lack judgment.  Appealling enought to win votes from many different kinds of people, but acidly partisan – to the wrong side of history, economics, foreign affairs and American Civilization.   They talk in comforting, familiar words, but push for socialism, statist, and, ultimately, creeping totalitarianism to transform America.

Only one stooge spoke.  But, I thought I saw the other two mouth, “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk,” when they clapped.  The ONE speaking said appalling things – even for a stage stooge.

What did this speech – and his plan – have to do with the bill in the House – HR 3200?  If his is different, then Americans need to see his thousand pages of details.  If not, then he was just throwing verbal creme pies – like the 3 Stooges of old.

If there is to be no deficit (I know it is hard to stop laughing at that one), then the spending cuts BHO promised can only mean one thing – cuts in services.  Healthcare is about health services.   Cost is reduced when services are reduced.  Too bad, he can’t conceive of increasing supply.

The Government insurance plan will run on premiums only?  Funnier than no deficit.  And, the government can be more competitive that private companies at providing the same service?  Like the way the U.S. Post Office competes with Fedex and the other shippers?

And 45 million people (45 m has to include illegal aliens) added to healthcare without increasing supply means what, class?  Shortages and increases in costs.  If only one of those stooges had studied economics.

If there are billions to be saved in existing government medical programs, why haven’t the dollars been saved yet?   Why not have the government do that – first – to prove the principle of achievable savings?

Then, there was the casual use of constructive history – make it up as you go along history.   Like the wise policy that keeps market from crashing?  Did Mussolini do this?  Hitler?  Stalin?  What statist saved their economy with wise policies?

The tax cuts to the wealthy cost government.  Again, EC 10,  tax cuts increased capital, created jobs and increased government revenues.   Silly Stooge.

Finally, the White House threatened to “call out” critics.  What will Chicago thugs do – from the White House – to call individual Americans out?  

These Stooges are shaping America for socialism.  Their takeover of Healthcare needs to be stopped, or reversed after the next couple of elections.   It will take Constitutional Republicans, not Establishment Republicans to do it.  Like the fellow who called out, “Lie.”   Who was that?

The Leftmedia will come after him.  The government will come after us all if one sixth of the economy falls into the statists’ clutches.

Let’s not forget – while working to reform healthcare – the best reform is to follow the Constitution and return it to the states.



  1. Well said. There is one thing the States can do now without waitnig for Washington — change their laws to allow their citizens to buy Health Insurance in other states and allow H.I. companies to sell in other states. This right was recognized in the Mcarran-Ferguson Act, which is still the law of the land.

  2. JAB: I think we could probably have a meaningful discussion of complex health care issues without references to Larry, Curly and Moe. I’m not sure what that adds. I also don’t really get what the President’s middle name (which I don’t think he uses much) has to do with it.

    I suspect we all know that health care in this country is sub-optimal in many areas. Maybe that can be remedied and we ought to have a good discussion on that point. I would much rather see all Members of Congress with their sleeves rolled up, brows furrowed, sharp pencils and green eye shades poised, trying to determine if there is a better way. If budgetary, practical or constitutional issues prevent improvement, so be it. But this kind of discussion doesn’t get us closer to enlightenment on a complicated and important issue. It is not worthy of your considerable intellect, old friend.

  3. Les: Yes! And, promote individual Health Savings Accounts.

    NoVa: Thanks for the backhanded compliment – not fussing really. I meant it about the stooges. I can’t believe those empty suits are in their positions of powers. It’s like a cosmic joke.

    My comments on the speech weren’t personal. The preface was personal, because I was literally shocked when I realized who I was looking at.

  4. Good luck with the blog; excellent post too. Please keep us informed regarding health economics and related financial issues.

    Ann Miller; RN, MHA
    [Executive Director]
    Atlanta, GA, USA

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