Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 28, 2009

Jihad by Paul Fregosi

Jihad by Paul Fregosi was published in 1998.  3 years before 9-11.  It’s a European’s view of the long, long fight against Islamic invasion in Europe.   He covers the whole bloody history.  He describes the atrocities and hatred unleashed by both sides.  At the end of the book, the author describes the fear and intimidation in England that people have – for the Islamists among them back in 1998.  It’s worse now. 

Very ironic and sad that the Europe that defended itself for over 1300 years with hard won victories  will self-destruct through the immigration invasion and population bomb of Muslim births.  But, unless things change very soon, that is the way it will go.

Read this book.  Give it to anyone who tells you Islam is a religion of peace.   Islam offers the peace of submission to subjugation or the peace of the dead. 

Here is an honor roll of heroes who defended Europe and Christianity.

Charles Martel        

Leo the Isaurian             


El Cid                                                                  


Alphonso of Aragon         

Fernando III of Castile 

Jean Jean Le Meingre Boucicaut               


Andrea Doria                                  

Don Juan of Austria                 


Jan Sobieski                                                             

Prince Eugene                        


Where are such men – and the women who encouraged them – in Europe in 2009?



  1. Is Geert Wilders on your list?

  2. Thanks. GW is a politician who says modest things. Yet, the extent that he is a pariah to the Liberals across the EU is an indication of their dhimmitude and suicidal tendencies. How far Europe has fallen and certain her fate unless there are new heroes, real ones, like the brave fighting men of the past.

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