Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 25, 2009

I Support Phil Hamilton

Del. Phil Hamilton is in hot water.  The local newspaper laid out a case to look like a clear conflict of interest with just the right dash of slease.  Politician wants more money – he is a retired school adminstrator.  Politician offers a deal to public servant.   Politician gets the job and moves a lot of money to public organization that hired him.  Voila.  Light the torches, get the rope, and get mapquest to print out directions for the lynch mob to get going.  Right now.

Some Republican politicians, activists and Republican/Conservative bloggers’  cups runneth over with moral outrage.  They call for Phil to resign now.  Don’t wait for the investigation.   Do anything to keep your alleged corruption from being a campaign issue.   Please.  Whimper.  Sniff.   Puff out chest against moral indignity. 

Candidate for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a notable exception.  Ken advised hands off until the investigation is over.  What a concept!   Fair play and due process.   How ‘Virginia’  is this combination?  Let events work themselves out – and see what happens.  Then judge and advise. 

I support Phil.   I support Phil Hamilton until, as in “if”, he is found to have committed a crime and the evidence is turned over to the Commonwealth’s Attorney – and maybe until he would, as in “if”, be convicted by a jury.

Do I support, encourage, endorse, applaud, etc his actions – as described by the local leftie newspaper?  No. 

But, after encouraging patience, I would advocate a bit of honest inquiry.  Phil may have wanted the job for his finances, but served productively in the job far beyond what he was paid.  He is that kind of public servant – and worker. 

Phil may have been foolish to mention his financial goals in an email.  Maybe someone should lift up the rock covering the bogus jobs other delegates and senators have so their employers can enjoy rainmaking employment of part time politicians playing with a $70B budget.  Name the names – and dollars involved. 

Let’s consider other things – which have no bearing on the right or wrong of Phil’s behavior.  These things have nothing to do with my call for patience – and support – as due process plays itself out – but explain why I have personal loyalty to Phil and why his constituents may re-elect him in November. 

Phil Hamilton brings credit to his service as a legislator – in the body of the oldest legislative body in North America.   The body that brought representative democracy to Virginia and America. 

Phil worked hard, and successfully, to become the expert in several areas of governance – education, healthcare and budgeting.  He has moved legislation through high, hard hurdles to provide good governance for Virginia.  He created charter schools.  He got health savings accounts instituted.

Phil earns the respect and loyalty of his constituents (I’m not one of them) every year.  He answers every concern.  He helps citizens to get government to work properly.  He serves with an eye, heart, and head for what is right for his voters and all Virginians.   

Phil’s record of service – separate from these accusations – is sterling. 

On a personal note, the reader may see that I didn’t mention Party loyalty.   That is only an issue – in that nominated candidates are to be supported by the whole Party – against those who want to hang Phil now.   Also, I find it ironic that some Republicans who were content with the skullduggery and sneaky lynching of RPV Party Chairman Jeff Frederick are outraged that the new Party Chairman isn’t standing fast and loyally with Phil.  And, I find it predictable that some folks who live in glass houses and couldn’t wait to throw Jeff out, can’t wait to throw Phil out.


  1. Hamilton has the responsibility to be forthright. This he has not done.

  2. SL: We should all be forthcoming. Thanks for your comment.

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