Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 4, 2009

Barbarian Islam Produces Islamists

The Sunday Richmond Times had the story about the latest Muslim mob murders of Christians in Pakistan on page 12.  Ho hum.   It’s just business as usual.

In several respects the latest murders aren’t new news.  They are just new events in a long pattern of events that began with Mohammed’s first genocide against the Jewish tribe in 627 AD. 

Islam naturally produces Islamists.  Even if it is only 10 per cent – presently.  Islamists murder Christians.  And others.  And the Sunni murder the Shiite as the Shiite murder the Sunni. 

Murder comes easily for barbarians.   If we compare the barbarians who sacked Rome to the Romans, the barbarians were about 600 years behind in their civilization.  Islam is over 800 years behind the West.   Their civilization and its foundational religion are barbarian compared to us. 

Individual Muslims may be lovely people.  The more Western they are, the more sophisticated and civilized they are. 

They all need Jesus.  They can be loved into converting to truth that sets men free by love alone.   But, loving them as our neighbors doesn’t mean we should deny or hide the facts.  Their religion and civilization are barbarian.



  1. Just to give credit where credit is due, JAB, keep in mind that the Romans were no slouches when it came to general murder of opposing camps. I would hate for them not to get full credit. But your major point is one that bears repeating: don’t assume that being “advanced” as a culture/civilization/nation provides protection against fatal harm being inflicted by more primitive societies. In fact, some elements of being “Advanced” create vulnerabilities.

  2. Our vulnerabilities as that exist as the result of being “advanced” are actually quite limited. These result principally from technology. The powerful tools we use can be made into destructive weapons. Hence we were attacked with our own jet aircraft. Full of fuel, our own planes were flown into skyscrapers.

    At the same time, fortunately, our tools can be used to protect us. Yet there is the rub. How well we use technology depends largely upon just how advanced we are.

    Our current leadership is corrupt and dishonest. Instead of protecting us and our rights — ostensibly their job — our leaders too often work at accumulating power and wealth. That is barbaric, not advanced or Christian behavior. Unfortunately, the reason such people lead us is that we elected them. That fact reflects poorly upon all of us.

  3. Yeah, OFL, but that condition has been in place for a very long time. Who were the last presidents not in it for themselves or very narrow interests? Reagan? Ike? TR? Lincoln?

  4. OFL and NoVa: Thank you for your comments.

    I didn’t mean to make ‘murder’ the focal point to balance civilization and barbarism. I was using Islamist readiness, reasons and cruelty to murder as an illustration of their relative barbarian civilization.

    Rome did its share of killing. But the Roman law acted as a constraint against the Hobbesian state of lawlessness and as more of a legal leash on men than the lesser tethers of tribal law.

    Roman law seems backwards to us now. Yet, it is a fundamental building block of our civilization. It was an advance at the time. Like so many advances Islamic civilization has never had – renaissance, reformation, enlightenment, great awakenings.

  5. Not so “ho hum” when you live there. This from a local Pastor:

    It was an other day of mourning for Christians when Muslim mob attacked at Christian Town and gunned down 9 Christian women, children and men and burnt down 50 homes in Gojra.

    When Christian women begged to spare their homes, Muslim mob discriminatory opened fire sand executed 4 women and children. It was early morning hours in city of Gojra when most of Christian men have left for work, who perform labor duties in city.

    The Muslim from nearby villages started gathering in Gojra City to protest for arrest of Imran Masih, Talib Masih and others to whom they accused desecrating of pages of Holy Quran on July 30, 2009. The Muslims attacked same night and burnt down 60 Homes of Christians in village Korian, 7 miles from Gora City.

    Gora Saddar Police Station fired in air to stop protestors to set Christian homes on fire but Muslim mob became out of control and burnt homes. The armed protestors clashed with police also injuring one senior Police officer and many constables.

    The Muslim mob pulled Christians women and children out of homes and killed them in execution style. Some old Christian men who came to safe women and children were also injured.

    The injured have been rushed to hospital and firing is going on between Muslim mob and police. 4 women and one child were burnt alive and they gunned down 9 Christians.

    The first was identified as Inyat Masih among dead and fleeing Christian of Gojra are hiding to save life to identify other dead Christians.

    The march of Muslims started from Railway Station Gojra at 12:00 noon today was attended by thousands of local and from near by villages marched towards Christian Town. The Christian Town Gojra is residence of two thousand Christian families who settled here over fifty years.

    When Muslim marchers approached Christian Town, some two hundred Muslims hiding their faces with traditional Islamic scarf opened fire on Christian houses.

    The Christian fled from home but who trapped were executed by face covered Muslims with automatic firearms. The Muslim attacker looted 100 homes and set on fire more than fifty Christian houses.

    These Militants used a particular type of chemical which is hard to extinguish to burn Christian homes. This chemical was used first in the village of “Shanti Nagar” which was set on fire in February 1997. Later this chemical was used in “ Sangla Hill Town ” and recently used to burn 60 homes of village Korian on night of July 30, 2009. Sunny Gill based in Karachi called his relatives in Gojra on their Cell Phone after watching news of attack on a local TV channel and they were crying and telling “they have burnt whole colony and they have no shelter to stay in Gojra now” They are very far from Karachi and do not have money to reach to him in Karachi. There are hundreds of Christians stranded and in hiding in Gojra and near by villages.

    The Muslim culprits are free who burnt down 100 homes of Christians in Bahmani Wala village in Kasur district and FIR is not registered against Muslim attackers of Korian village where chemical are used to destroy 47 homes of Christians.

  6. Thanks DOC. This news doesn’t get out enough.

    Release my murderers & call it Misunderstanding
    Nationalize my institutes & Call it Education for poor
    Throw out my leaders role in Pakistan movement for my syllabus & call it ideology of PAKISTAN
    Buts listen !
    Still i am CHRISTIAN I’ll defend my Honour & Religion I’ll Remain CHRISTIAN Forever

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunny gill

  8. ” I am Christian ”
    kill me & call it A mistake
    Imprison me & call it Security Measures
    Shelling & firing on my masses & call it
    Release my murderers & call it Misunderstanding
    Nationalize my institutes & Call it Education for poor
    Throw out my leaders role in Pakistan movement for my syllabus & call it ideology of PAKISTAN
    Buts listen !
    Still i am CHRISTIAN I’ll defend my Honour & Religion I’ll Remain CHRISTIAN Forever

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunny gill

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