Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 30, 2009

Beer Summitry

Drinking beer and talking about issues = summit talks? 

Elect me President of the United States.  I am POTUS right now.  Better than POTUS.   I wouldn’t be in over my head on economics and foreign relations – and healthcare, like Princess Di/B. Hussein Obama is. 

Any libation-sipping Southerner over age 35 could do this.   And better.   Besides, I’m over half Scot/Scot-Irish in my English, Scot-Irish, Scot, Welsh, French so well-stirred ethnicity – so I am an expert at such summitry.  It’s written in my DNA – and my culture. 

I could do this 6 nights a week.  Solve a lot of problems if it were so.



  1. As silly as I think this business with the Gates brouhaha has been, I think there would be merit in a President of the United States carving out a space in his Friday afternoon schedule to invite a half dozen folks from around the country to have a TGIF beer at 1700 hours in the Rose Garden. The staff could comb the local press for folks who have reached out to their communities to make them a little better or people who have extended a hand to struggling family, a serviceman, a child who needed help with tuition, etc. etc.

    Just don’t comment on police actions in every village around the country, Mr. President. You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened. It’s not your job.

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