Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 28, 2009

No Time for Politicians

It’s a good thing that work is demanding more.  I have less time for politics.   That’s very good, because my patience for politicians which has worn thin through 17 years of activism, is about to wear down to nothing. 

B. Hussein Obama, our Princess Di posing as President, is engaged in Constitutional overreach unseen since FDR.  With potentially worse results than an extra decade of the Great Depression.   Namely, a frontal assault on Constitutional limits on Federal Power and, ultimately, the Rule of Law.

So, when I see or hear politicians being politicians, I lack the forebearance I have for children, dogs and clueless liberal fellow travelers when the pols are Rs who claim to be Cs – Conservatives.

Enter Rob Wittman, 1 CD VA.  I got an email telling me about his amendment to reduce something under$1 billion from the Health and Human Services budget.  He emphasized that it was less than 1 per cent of the budget – like that is a good thing, some point of moderation I suppose.  Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah.  He knows his amendment goes nowhere.  It is a stroke, taking political coup (like the Plains Indians but without the bravery)  to play the Conservative to the home crowd.  

Okay, if he wants to cut spending, how about giving back the over $6 billion he voted for – 2 years in a row – for the socialist, FDRish, make work, corrupt, political patronage Americorps, Teacher Corps crap bill?  He owes us at least $12 billion for those votes.  When will we ever get them back? 

Not to mention his other tax and spend votes so far. 

This time – for a season of politics – that may last a decade or two – where America and Virginia need representatives who understand and are loyal to the Constitution – and restoring it to set the limits of government power.  We need them at the local, state and federal levels.   If the politicians can fake it for real (read that slowly), then some of them can serve good purposes.  If not, we need to replace the Dems and Establishment Republicans with Constitutional Republicans at every level – until we fix the ship of state.  Then, the politicians can come back to their natural dens.

This is no time for politicians.


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