Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 20, 2009

BowdenHouse Inc.

Got the notice yesterday from the Virginia Corporation Commission that BowdenHouse Inc. became a legal corporation on June 12th, 2009.

BowdenHouse Inc.  will sell James Atticus Bowden – first.  My labor, not me.   My oldest daughter may have a product to sell one of these days.  I may complete  the radio production I am working on – and BowdenHouse may produce that and pay the actors, pay for facilities, etc. – if it can. 

And, BowdenHouse will be the corporate name that accepts anything the Lord sends my way – where I can see it, get off my butt, and do my part to make it happen.

Why am I doing this?

A local guy who I’ve chatted politics at the 7-11 (coffee every a.m.), read my stuff at  – and encouraged me. 

He said the same thing Rush Limbaugh has said,  “Why don’t you do what you love?”   I read and write for my day job, now.   But, there are other things I would rather read and write about.  So, I’ll sell my time in labor to do that – if I can.

I’m 58 years old.  Just had a nuke stress test – preventive medicine given my family’s DNA – and it came back “normal.”   So much better than the Abbie Normal from the movie Young Frankenstein.  Despite the economy.  Inspite of any Constitutional crisis which could come to a head soon or later under the One, B. Hussein Obama I.   Not knowing how long I’ll live or what cometh tomorrow.  I see opportunities.    I see hope.   Not BHO’s hope – but my political slogan – Dignity, Justice, Hope – the way I mean it.

I can’t find the word ‘retirement’ in the Bible.  We were made to work.  I’ve been earning wages since I was 15.  I been on my own financially since I was 17.   Put in 8 hours of outside work today in the sun.  I hope to work – not for pay – but in the Community of Christ until the day I die.   We’ll see where else I have to labor until then – or get to work is the better way to put it. 

I have too many things to do each day.  That includes quiet time reading the Bible and focused prayer (in addition to the prayer without ceasing).  Includes family time.  Includes watching the setting sun turn clouds into the Andrew Wyeth pink, orange and red.  Includes laughing whenever I can.  Includes still being up for a good fight – worth fighting.  So many more things I’d like to do. 

Lord, let whatever I get to do be submissive to Your Will.   And, guide my work in the vineyards, sewing tents, and hauling the fishing nets – my thoughts, words, and deeds – to be in Your Will. 

Until You call me home to my work there – had a dream about that!



  1. Good for you JAB.
    You are a year older than me so lead the way, perhaps in a year I’ll try something like that too.

  2. DV: Just got my Fed IRS number and opened the bank account today. BowdenHouse Inc is legal.

    Please send me your resume at There is another company that may be able to use your help sooner than a year from now. I intend to support this group as an individual employee or as a corporate sub (through BowdenHouse Inc.). Their call.

    So, in plain english, I have two pursuits going right now. We’ll see what works – how, when, etc.

    If I don’t get you hired within the year, maybe you can hire me in a year. We will see.

  3. Excellent. Go for it!

    I am headed in the same direction, myself…that is… setting up a corporation that “accepts anything the Lord sends my way – where I can see it, get off my butt, and do my part to make it happen”.

    And doing it for many reasons. Not the least of which is: “I can’t find the word ‘retirement’ in the Bible. We were made to work.”

    Standing-O to you.

    • You might want to start all over again. We were made to be creative, hard physical work to survive, came from our fall from grace. – Genisis –

  4. Thanks. Best wishes, DW.

  5. Martin, thanks. Hard work came as punishment. Work – tending the garden – was duty before The Fall.

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