Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 16, 2009

BHO: Incompetence Compounds Arrogance

B. Hussein Obama is a study of human incompetence compounded by superhuman arrogance.  Or, maybe it’s the incompetence that is the exponent to the arrogance.  The illustration is Iran this week. 

BHO had the talent, focus, skills, intelligence, etc. to get elected POTUS.  So did Jimmy Carter.  Carter did a county by county analysis (3,000 counties) of voting patterns to figure out what issues where would get him elected.  And, in the cosmic clowning sense of serendipity that “timing is everything”,  Carter ran against the guy who followed Nixon, pardoned Nixon, and was clueless on the economy.

Likewise, BHO’s  skin color showed that he was half-black which struck many chords in many longing, emotional hearts.  He ran against a guy who was clueless on the economy at the precise point of a major economic bubble burst.

But, getting elected doesn’t make him competent.  Or, wise. 

A bad case of arrogance and chip on his shoulder about his personal hierarchy of evil multiply the problems of not knowing how to govern. 

B. Hussein Obama gave a speech on the moral equivalency of the West – especially America – to backward, relatively barbarian cvilizations and identities tied to a pathetic evil excuse of a religion.  He expected, it seems, his words would transform the Middle East towards PC Liberalism.  Instantly.  It would include political dialogue. 

What happened was Iran demonstrated, as the world watches and listens on the internet, was that naked power allows the pretense of Western elections and the Rule of Law only when it props up the welders of raw power. 

It reminded me of the lovely liberals in my grad schools.  Good hearted people who wanted to do good works in the confines of their world view.  High energy people who may have traveled, but learned nothing.  People who don’t understand how much hate is in the world – and how power rules ruthlessly everywhere outside the bubble in time and space that is Western Civilization.  And even how much power rules within the West when Liberal and Socialist Human Secularists inevitably turn to dictatorial powers and totalitarianism to bend men to their rule.

BHP is equally as clueless on what to do – and not to do to avoid a war – with North Korea. 

He’s as off as Jimmy Carter – who wants Hamas to be the government of a Palestinian state.  Yes, don’t call the Hamas terrorists – “terrorists” – call them, “government.”


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