Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, U.S. Army

Today is the birthday of the United States Army.  Since 1775.  Soldiers in the field over year before the Declaration of Independence. 

The Army carried the country on its bayonets for 8 years to 1783.  The Continental Line closed the deal – made their proof as a professional army in the assault on the redoubt at Yorktown.   It sealed the fate of the British Army there. 

The Army created the Nation.  Since then, the Army serves as the Nation’s servant.  The Army is the senior service. 

As Bob Dobson, one of my best students from West Point wrote today, “Born of need, needed still. Volunteers then, volunteers now. My hat is off and my heart is open to all who have filled its Ranks these two hundred and thirty four years.”  Including you, Bob, and your service in Operation Desert Storm.     

The United States Army is best Army in the world today.  Yet, it remains the humble servant as America’s Army.               ‘


  1. Huzzah!

  2. Thanks, NoVa. Hooah indeed.

  3. At my age, I am given to mid-19th century usage, but the sentiment is the same. Nice post honoring a great institution.

    When one looks around the world and notices over the course of history how so many armies have thrown their weight around domestically, we can be very proud of our officers and enlisted men who, with only a very few aberrant exceptions, have steadfastly stayed above the political battles and have stood on the ramparts of liberty looking outward, not inward. We are indeed blessed in this regard.

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