Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 12, 2009

The Picture That Promises Inflation

exploding money supply


The steeply rising line on the right means too many dollars chasing too few goods and services.  It means inflation is coming.  It means robbing the poor, the seniors on fixed incomes, cheating the middle class of getting ahead – and destroying everyone’s savings.   Its as sinful as shameful because it is theft.  It is government theft, because of government monetary policies. 

It started with Bush at the end of his time, but it wholly belongs to B. Hussein Obama.  BHO could do everything to reverse the line pointing up to pain – across America.  But, actually BHO is going to make it worse.  He is going to print more money for healthcare.

Whether BHO and his administration are cunning for their stampede to socialist or supremely incompetent doesn’t matter.  The theft of capital, personal wealth, through inflation is shameful and sinful.  It’s theft.  It’s an assault which will cause real pain in families.

Yet, the fix is the responsibility of the soveriegn.  Every individual citizen of the United States of America. 

Find Constitutional Republicans who vote against this, speak against this, never contribute to this (earmarks, pork spending, unConstitutionally sound spending, size of spending, etc.) and help fix it with tax cuts, less spending and reducing the size of the federal government.   Get their names by September 2009.  Raise money for them.  Get them elected in 2010.


  1. You’re on to something big here, JAB. This is the issue for the next 20 years. Alas, this has happened so quickly that I think that the 2010 and 2012 elections will be about organizing the rubble removal brigades, not prevention.

  2. Jim:

    Whatever disagreements you and I have on other issues, I am in complete, total, absolute, 10,000,000,000,000% agreement with you on this issue with regard to both the empirical analysis and the moral analysis. This will have a devastating effect on both our national economy and the global economy as well. Furthermore the most vulnerable in our society will be hit the hardest by it.

  3. NoVa: It can be turned around in less than 20 years if pols are properly led by The People.

    Jay: Thanks. We probably disagree on only a few issues. Thanks much.

  4. I think we just identified a unifying core, conservative position. Something Jay Hughes, Jim Bowden and Old Scout can lock arms on.

  5. I’ve been travelling a lot lately and didn’t really have time to give this the comment it deserved. Again, great insight, JAB.

    The nuance on this money supply phenomenon is that this spike has not had much immediate impact because it really isn’t out in the economy. Right now, it’s just being hoarded in financial institutions. The real danger is out toward the horizon a bit when banks start lending and injecting this money into the economy. The real test for the Feds (and the Fed) will be whether they can reel this supply spike back in in some orderly way.

  6. The inflation will come unless the money supply is drastically reduced. Just dunno if it shows up in 2009, 10 or 11?

  7. late ’10 or ’11 is my guess, JAB. I do think that a few people in government keenly recognize the problem and are trying to cope with it. Again, the key is that a lot of this is sitting around like a goat in the gut of a 20 foot python. It will be a while before the animal passes it out the other end and really has big impact on the economy as a whole.

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