Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 12, 2009

BHO Socialist or Incompetent: Doesn’t Matter

The Fruits of Socialism

The Fruits of Socialism

Please pay close attention to the two blue lines.  These are the official predictions of B. Hussein Obama and his government.  These lines were the reason why Congress was supposed to support printing money (see yesterday’s post) and passing the stimulus.  To fix the economy.   To save and create jobs. 

Except, look at the red dots.  Connect them.   Congress did what BHO demanded.   And unemployment is going up.

What went wrong with their predictions and promises? 

First, socialism – the spending of more money by government kills more private sector jobs than it creates in government jobs.   Let’s say that again.   A few people get new government jobs.  Many people lose their private sector jobs – or businesses. 

So, unemployment is getting worse because of the statist socialist policies BHO pushed.  Or, it’s getting worse because BHO didn’t know his policies would do what any competent economist could predict – he is just incompetent. 

A young man playing president.  Auditioning as an deity before the MSM and all the Liberal Human Secularists, their lackeys and the losers who – let’s say, charitably,  are less gifted in wisdom than they could be.  And destroying the economy.   Because BHO is a socialist or a boob or both.   It doesn’t matter.  The deeds are done. 

BHO assumes dictatorial powers because no one in the Federal Government and The People won’t stop him.  Practices for tyranny if the time comes.  Meanwhile real folks lose their jobs.  Many more will before – and if – enough Constitutional Republicans are elected to fix government and return the economy to the rightful owners – The People.



  1. BHO is not the problem. We the People are our own worse enemy. We elected this man.

    As this post suggests, rampant government spending is killing jobs. As your last post shows, ballooning government spending is inflating our currency. Alas, BHO is not and cannot do this spending all by himself. Congress passed the bills that led to this mess.

    Just as we elected BHO, we elected the people in Congress who passed those spending bills. If our economy is in a shambles, it is because of our own greed. Instead of insisting that government do only what it is suppose to do, help us to resolve our disputes and maintain lawful order, too many of us have used government as a means to rob our neighbors. In the process, we have elected con men, and those con men are robbing all our us.

    There is only one solution. We must each demand limited government. We must stop the handouts. We must all pay for the services we receive from government. We must each give up the handouts we have come to expect from government, and we must demand that our neighbors to give up their handouts. Unless we restrain ourselves, we will never be able to restrain our public officials.

  2. Well said OFL.

    JAB, I do appreciate your sentiment, but must go beyond BHO to lay blame. The USG is a representation of the people, formed by the people. I just wish it was still FOR the people.

    I for one am taking personal steps.
    Cash instead of credit.
    Debt-free in three years (to include mortgage)
    Looking for ways to cut my own costs…backyard gardening, bartering, etc.
    Looking for ways to increase revenue through innovation…small business.

    I’m just a drop in the bucket, but I figure that if I want a representative that understands self-sufficiency and initiative, I’ll have to SHOW him what it looks like.

    Anyone else out there cleaning their own house, prior to marching on Washington (or Richmond)?


  3. OFL and DW: Thanks for your comments.

    You can elect a new Congress. You need candidates by Sep 09. Not far away.

    If something close to a revolution is brewing, you could get your candidates by Jan 2010 to take out incumbents in primaries or lead through primaries for open seats.

    No candidates = no change.

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