Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 11, 2009

The Missing “U” Word on B. Hussein Obama

Why won’t any Republican leader use the “U” word for BHO’s intervention in private enterprise?  U = Unconstitutional? 

The absence of clear speech is indicative of the vacuum of leadership.

The talk show guys will say it.  Former VP Cheney is speaking up – don’t recall him talking about making GM into government motors.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele should be calling the unconstitutional – unconstitutional.  Every member of Congress and every Republican governor and candidate for governor should do the same.  Maybe many of the Republican members of Congress are hesitant because of their recent votes for unconstitutional legislation.  Like the ex post facto bill of attainder grab for bonus money paid to AIG executives.   Or, maybe they are worried if they call presidential actions unconstitutional, which they are, the politicians might be expected to do their consitutional duty to fix the situation.

I hope some corporation that is getting screwed by executive fiat on the Chrysler bankruptcy will haul the Feds into court for violating the federal and state corporate laws.   I know that is too arcane for voters who don’t know what arcane means.

I hope some corporation that is supposed to be paid first in full during the bankruptcy but is getting paid pennies on the dollar behind folks – like unions – who never paid into Chrysler and never took the risk of investment jump the line and steal the money – take the government to court.  It’ll be interesting to see if the judges decide under the rule of law or make up law to serve BHO.

The time is now to call things as they are.  Speak the truth in public.   Even for politicians to do so.   Especially Republicans.



  1. The Constitution is not particularly explicit about economic policy or philosophy. My personal view, shared by others in these parts, I hope, is that the economic approach most consistent with the ideals of the Constitution and the Declaration is one that keeps federal activity in the economy (not just interventions, but also taxation) tightly bounded, but the Constitution doesn’t require that. I would think the more fruitful counter-arguments to the current orgy of government intervention would be fiscal horse-sense arguments. I very much fear that the commitments being lightly taken on in a time of economic panic are so massive that they will break government for decades to come. But this idea that there is a strong constitutional argument is a dead end and will have a lot of well-intentioned people running off on wild goose chases at a time when the electorate as a whole can better understand the dollars and cents madness of throwing the Government into the middle of everything.

  2. The other politicians refuse to bring up constitutionality because, if they did, someone might mention it when THEY want to do things that they shouldn’t.

  3. Thanks NoVa and CS: Both arguments – fiscal responsibility and constitutional accountablity can be made at the same time.

    The silences in the Constitution are addresssed as powers retained by the States and the People.

    The argument for constitutionality is a moral argument supporting the common sense economics of spending and taxing less.

  4. The Constitution is not particularly explicit about economic policy or philosophy.

    How would you react if somebody clobbered your big toe with a hammer, and you did not see it? Even if the guy was standing in front of you with a bloody hammer, would pretend you did not know who had busted your toe?

    Check out this post.
    There is no question our government is out of control.

    There is a reason why people insisted the 10th Amendment, but our courts ignore it.

    Article [X.]

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Any legal excuse for the growth in Federal power is just a pathetic fig leaf for a legal community, one that knows better and just does not care. The same is true of power hungry politicians who want more power.

    The Federal Government has assumed huge powers, and there is nothing — absolutely nothing in the Constitution — that allows the Feds to do what they have been doing. Unfortunately, the problem has nothing to do with Constitution. The power is one no lawyer can fix. The problem is us. The problem is that we have not bothered to read the Constitution and hold the people we elect accountable to it.

    We should be hugely ashamed. Millions of people struggled to make our country a worthy place to make a family and bring up children. We honor the memory of those who went before us by cherishing what they gave us, improving upon it, and passing that as a gift onto our children. Unfortunately, this generation of Americans is failing to live up to that obligation. Instead of working for our children’s future, we care and spend only for today’s pleasures.

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