Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 8, 2009

National Day of Prayer and Liberal gods

U.S. Public Law says there will be an annual National Day of Prayer.  The President of the United States (POTUS) and other elected officials add or subtract to the symbolic significance by the manner of their participation.

B. Husein Obama ignored it – other than some press release that there would be private prayer.  He didn’t send an official rep to any prayer ceremony  Obama is sending a message.  We’ll see how he defines it over the years.  The initial thrust is to be the opposite of all Presidents before him.  So, he is different.  Got it. 

Some will take it as a slap at Jews and Christians who predominate at these events – because, of course, they predominate the country.  Wait and see.  Clearly, there won’t be any overtly Christian celebration, even if it’s only a cheery breakfast.

The Stalinists at the Daily Press report on the less opaque pandering from another Liberal – wrapped in PC theology.  (“Kaine calls for using prayer in difficult times” Daily Press, May 8, 2009)  The head of the Democratic National Committee, and part-time governor of Virginia, Timothy Kaine reportedly said, “Leaders of our nation have certainly always appealed to higher powers, especially in tough times.”

Higher powers?  The Force or karma? 

Actually, American leaders have always prayed to the God of the Christians and Jews.  But, Liberals can’t speak that simple historical truth. 

“Kaine said one of his favorite presidents, Harry Truman, signed the bill establishing a National Day of Prayer.”   Yet, Harry Truman said America is a Christian country.

I’d like to know what Kaine meant about trying “to vigorously guard that line of separation of church and state on issues like police chaplains and some other issues.” 

How does forbidding a Christian chaplain from praying “in Jesus’ s name” separate church and state?  It merely suppresses the free religious speech of Christians. 

Kaine says he is Roman Catholic.  But, Catholic Christians don’t close their prayers, “in the name of higher powers.”  Only Liberal Human Secularists worship such small gods.  Especially the god of “self”.



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