Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 6, 2009

Say Goodbye to Old Blimey

An English bureaucrat –  the Secretary of Love, or Truth or Peace – I forget – banned radio host Michael Savage from the United Kingdom.  It’s unlikely that he was banned for being rude.  Yet, her edict, which included a bunch of Islamists, some skinheads and the supposed Reverend Phelps of funeral desecration notoriety, didn’t specify if it was Savage’s free speech hostility to homosexuals or Islamists.  But, it’s most likely the Islamists. 

The UK will be ruled by a Muslim majority by the end of the century.  Way before then, free speech – as in criticism of Islam and Muslims and many, many other things the Imams dictate wil be forbidden.  The Liberal Human Secularists are invoking their PC totalitariansim now.  It’s good practice before the Islamists oppress free speech altogether.

George Orwell wrote that Britain was well suited for the totalitarianism of  “1984”.  The power of Parliament is absolute.  Unlike the limited powers of each branch of government – as the U. S. Constitution says.  And as those limits will be challenged in new, serious ways by the Obama administration. 

This ban on travel for Michael Savage is beyond shameful.  Yet, as bad as it is and as terrible as it promises for the future, we must remember what the U.K. did in the face of Nazi totalitarianism.  First, there was Chamberlain and abject appeasement.  Then, there was Churchill and courage – unto victory.



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  2. DJ: We’re talking about two different things. You are discussing the details of an election that will – yes, I’m going to say it – rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m talking about the laws and political structure enabling Totalitarianism in the UK. And the demographics that are destiny – and a terrible dark ages behind the iron veil of Islam.

  3. A British reporter being interviewed on Fox News last night (I think it was O’Reilly) said her guess was that the secretary really wanted to ban violence-preaching imams from entering… and then had to “tack on a few white guys” to avoid getting skewered for racial profiling. Plus, she pointed out, the UK does not recognize freedom of speech, or anything else. The government, as she described it, is based on custom, tradition, and the collection of laws. So most Brits apparently think it’s perfectly fine in the name of security.

    It seems just a *little* late to try to shut the flood gates on radical imams, as Britain already allows Sharia law courts to operate.

  4. PHW: Allowing Sharia law is one of the worst steps the suicidal Brits could take. See my archives at for my op ed “Europe deserves to die.”

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