Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 5, 2009

Another New Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

Mr. Mullins is the best consensus choice for Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia.  I can’t imagine anyone better.

If there is some Conservative hero – a Lochinvar riding in from the West – to the convention at the end of this month, he had better do it soon.  He had better be pretty spectacular. 

I know how the election at the convention may feel like more coronation than election – if it is unopposed.  But, so it goes.  I understand the feelings of those who supported Jeff Frederick as a Conservative insurgent last year, only to watch him get lynched by a committee whose name, if not its demeanor, appears more Politburo than Jeffersonian.   Yet, it’s a committee that contains far more legitimate (pun intended) Jeffersonian descendants than party appartchiks. 

I look forward to hearing from our new Chairman how long he would like to keep the job. 

I wish him well and success.  I hope folks will support him without conditions.   Mullins isn’t the problem in the Establishment Republican ranks.


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