Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 27, 2009

Southern History Month: Constitutionalism

Dr. Walter Williams’  op ed in the Sunday paper spoke to the Constitutional basis for secession.  Fun to read that in 2009.  While all the Libs write articles to call Gov. Perry of Texas names for breathing the word secession, the PhD Conservative responds with historical facts.  Such terrible things.

As the Tea Party moves to push more and more Americans to a more Constitutional view of government, it will be ironically amusing to see folks come to appreciate the majority historical Southern view of the Constitution. 

The seccession of the Southern States (1861-1865) was not rebellion.   But the war changed the conditions of understanding the 1787 Constitution. 

Consider that the war “established new relations and obligations.   It nationalized States that were previously federalized.  It changed the union of independent states, held together by mutual consent, into a union of dependent States, held together by national authority.  It abolished State sovereignty and changed the federal government, which derived its powers from the States, ino the national government, which exercises authority and power over the States. 

Some things that may not be lawful under the national government established by the war may have been altogether lawful under the federal government that existed before the war.  Seccsion is one of them.”

Guess when that was written? 

1911 by Robert Catlett Cave, a Virginia veteran, preacher and orator. 

His book  dedication “To the Memory of the Men in Gray, who with matchless courage, fought to maintain the principles of the Constitution and perpetuate the Government established by their fathers, and whose heroic deeds crowned the South with deathless glory,”  says it all well.



  1. We need to protect our constitutinoal rights by electing officials into office that believe in them. Judge Andrew Napolitano is being drafted for public office on a platform of small government and protecting our rights under the constitution. Check out his site to learn more about him:

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