Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 16, 2009

More Evidence Why the MSM Loses Business

Here is the caption for a picture above an article on our local Tea Party in the Daily Press, (April 16, 2009). 

Citizen x of “Newport News voices his opposition about recent actions to revitalize the economy.”

When you stop laughing, you might want to cry. 

Gee, do ya think the Stalinists at the Daily Press are editorializing in their reporting of the news?

Why didn’t they have the moral courage to write what they wanted to say? 


  • Ungrateful prole criticizes Big Brother.  Newspeak hate crimes will prevent such intolerant hate speech in the future.
  • Right wing extremist who fits politcal proflile released by Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security inctes crowd
  • etc.

The writer of this piece must think Obama’s actions actually will revitalize the economy.   Let’s guess if this former journalism student took a course in economics -ever.  Or, read a book on economics.  Obviously, not.

As I said in my speech there.  No country, business, family or person ever borrowed their way to wealth or spent their way to prosperity.  It has NEVER happened.  Ever.  In the history of the world.   Hence, there haven’t been any actions that will revitalize the economy. 

…Ah, thank You, Lord, for keeping my tongue civil in the face of such temptation.



  1. It is so hard to do, I know JAB. I get angry everytime I read or hear about something like that, but it really doesn’t shock me anymore. It is par for the course in Barack Obama’s America.

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