Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 4, 2009

L’Affaire Frederick C’est Finis

Daylong trainwreck at State Central Committee meeting today. 

Chairman Jeff Frederick is out.

SCC meets on May 2nd to elect new chairman.

Wonder who will be selected for us to elect?



  1. Someone who the Napoleans on the Executive comm wants for us. After all they know best for us. I’m through with the Republican Party. Thanks for doing your best for the rank and file Jim.

  2. Mike Thomas….

  3. Charlie, I wish we could talk a bit. Its not that simple.

    There were no white hats in the room. None.

    It really was a trainwreck. Even if one side planned it.

    I’m troubled that more people weren’t bothered – enough – by what disturbed me so much about the process prior to today. Either I’m really spending my extra time in the wrong place or I’m precisely where I should be – and, frankly, I just don’t know right now.

  4. Your inherent wisdom and statesmanship is showing through in your 2335 comment, JAB. I hope the day wasn’t too trying, yesterday. It’s a beautiful morning here in Northern Virginia (the weather has to work a little harder to make things beautiful here than it does down your way or out to the west). Enjoy the hope and celebration of Palm Sunday, shake off the political dust for a moment, get out on or near the water, and we’ll take the next issues as they come.

  5. Thanks for the kind note NoVa – but no I don’t have the money you loaned me – JK.

    I’ll write about this when I get my thougts complete.

    Fundamentally, this wasn’t about ideology.

    The Conservatives who took him out were overwhelmed by trust and confidence issues.

    Ths Conservative who defended him did so against the process worked to destroy trust and confidence in him – and take him out.

    Thanks again for the good wishes. The Lord makes all things new – every day.

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