Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 30, 2009

Obama’s Government Motors: A Shakedown Not a Takeover

President B. Hussein Obama’s intervention to make General Motors into Government Motors just looks like an unConstitutional takeover.  The President’s men taking over what is the responsibility of the stockholders.  And, of course, getting away with it.  But, that’s just the surface sheen.

Follow the money.  Look at who – keep track of the nametags like on a score card – goes where and gets paid what.   If we had a free and open press in America, as the Constitution indicates we should, it would all be out in the open as soon as it happened. 

But, the useful fools in the MSM won’t find out the facts fast – as they should.  Just as they remain so oddly incurious about all the illegal foreign money that went to Obama’s.

We need to see the complete earnings, perks, etc. of the UAW labor bosses.  Keep track of who moves up where in GM – the new Government Motors. 

Who is John Galt?



  1. How is it that Obama can force out Rick Wagoner, but RESIST forcing out the top leadership of the UAW at GM? If the fish truly rots from the top, then the Union Leadership must go as well. If Wagoner screwing up the company was really that bad, then too was the performance of the Unions in not doing enough to right the ship. I truly believe that the only option for GM and Chrysler is bankruptcy….for me, I’ll go out of my way to buy a Ford next time since they have not taken any bailout money.

  2. Thanks CCM. Funny how nobody cares how much the Union bosses are paid. Where do they think their money comes from? Same place that the money for the management comes from.

    But different rules, visibility and accountability.

    Not that the Feds should EVER have gotten involved.

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