Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 26, 2009

Jeff Frederick: Lynched or Burned At the Stake

A political buddy of mine let me know that my lynching and mobs in hoods metaphors for the hang-Jeff-Frederick-on-a-sour-apple-tree crowd offended him.   That’s important to me.  I hold this man in deep respect.  But, I told him I would use his complaint as a teaching moment.

If you hated your teachers, then read no further as another old teacher takes chalk to the board.

I used words like lynch, hang, mob, and hood.  I haven’t used kangaroo court – yet – because it doesn’t apply.  Did I call the SCC – of which I’m a member – the KKK?  Or, just the cabal sneaking around?  Nope.  Neither.  If I want to call someone the Klan, then I will.  I used the metaphor, because it describes the nature of the process.

I find it amusing and ironic when Conservatives over-react to rhetoric in much the same way the Liberals do.  The Liberals have a game plan.  It comes from Herbert Marcuse.   And Lenin.  And, sooner or later, Stalin.  Choosing to be offended doesn’t impress me.  Self-righteous moral outrage is performance art.   Even, if you really think you are offended.  Metaphors for specific persons, actions, processes aren’t applied to others – except for folks who assume the mantle of being dissed.  So, don’t do it.  Don’t chose to be offended.  Don’t extrapolate a metaphor for the convenience sake to buttress weak, unsubstantiated arguments.

So, let’s say I start describing what a few folks from the SCC are doing to Jeff Frederick as burning him at the stake.   Am I saying folks are the Spanish Inquisition or any vanilla witch burning village?  Or, could it be a reference to any Christian killing of heretics?  Or, the pagan murders of Christians as the enemy of humankind  – as Roman Emperor Diocletian did? 

Who gets to be offended if I use the burning at the stake metaphor?  What do they get to accuse me, when they attack the messenger, like Liberals always do?  Am I anti-Christian?  Or anti-Catholic?  Or anti-Pagan? Or anti-Imperial Rome?  Look at how silly this spin and whine business is.

Consider how we ape the Liberals in playing the speech police role.  (Ooh, the ape word.  Is that anti-species?  A sinister ethnic/racial slur?)

If I write about lynching or burning at the stake, the better response would be to counter with Nixon or Clinton impeachment metaphors.  Unless, of course, they don’t fit.

Let’ s use language to gain wider, richer meanings.  To communicate more.  Complain less.  Engage in language instead of trying to suppress speech. 

Ronald Reagan spoke of the Evil Empire.  Remember the reaction?  The weak whined.  Evil Empire communicated.

I hope to communicate too.  Guess what I mean when I write about:

Race pimps?  Race professionals?

Sissy Christians?

Black-robed priest-kings?

Puritan Liberals?

Liberal/Nazi/Communist Human Secularists?

Barbarians (and barbarian civilizations) relative to Western Civilization?


Establishment Republicans?

Republican Conservatives?

Constitutional Republicans?



It’s a teaching moment.  Let’s be less offended and more engaged in ideas expressed by words.



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  3. I haven’t liked the way this campaign to oust Frederick smelled form the very beginning. It seems like a bunch of poeple who want to run to the left trying to oust our good conservative chairman. I’m not interested in that at all.

  4. I’m with Jim here. There are good conservatives on both sides of this. I happen to believe the Frederick needs to receive at least a cursory chance at due process. I know that the party plan and the executive committee do not fall under this,but unless Jeff Frederick is able to refute the “charges” in front of the Convention that elected him, this amounts to nothing more than a railroading and I refuse to be a part of that.

  5. I happen to believe the Frederick should read “I happen to believe THAT Frederick needs to …

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