Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 22, 2009

Jeff Frederick’s Innocent, But Hang Him Anyway

Two of my Republican Conservative buddies contacted me about my latest letter on L’affaire Frederick.   Real, trusted Conservative friends and allies.

One said that Jeff should take the fall for losing Virginia in the national election.

One said, essentially, that too many Republican party and public officials were against Jeff – now.  The bad feelings  just couldn’t be undone.

Okay.  If we, the State Central Committee, aren’t going to throw Jeff out for the charges placed against him, then let those with other grievances follow The Party Plan and charge him with their gripes.

Either Jeff Frederick is guilty of the charges cooked against him – and they are sufficient and necessary for removal, or not.

Using the convenience of the SCC cabal’s opportunistic attack as the opportunity to attack and remove the Chairman for other reasons is simply unbelievable to me.  I understand the legal defense used in Southern states – “He needed killin” (dunno how to say that in Latin) – but that is in self-defense for a person accused of justifiable homicide.  It doesn’t fit here.

I’m incapable of penetrating a mind that is made up.  But, perhaps, you – dear reader – can reach members of SCC and convince them in lovingkindness of their error.

President Bill Clinton deserved impeachment for many reasons.  But, deserving it and being legally impeached are two different things.  If I recall correctly there were several counts of conspiracy.  But, the single count of the President of the United States of America lying to a grand jury was the necessary, sufficient and completely compelling reason to impeach him in the House and try him in the Senate.  But, Senators, like Virginia Republican John Warner, were unwilling to do their duty under the Constitution.  There was no trial.  What a shameful disgrace – the Senators more than the President.

When the Chief Executive can commit perjury and laugh – game it politically – because the Legislature doesn’t do its duty under the supreme law of the land, the 1787 Constitution, then the Rule of Law is a lie.  The legal system from the top down is just power politics – and a lie.

When the State Central Committee, RPV, can convict for causes or strong feelings other than the charges actually made against the Chairman, then The Party Plan, for an organization adhering the Virginia Republican Creed and based on Fair Play as well as the Rule of Law is a lie.  The party organization from the top down is just power politics.

Who are we, SCC, that we would remove a Chairman for other than the reasons he faced as accusations?

What are we, SCC, if we don’t confront him with the actual charges in our hearts instead of the petty, personal accusations he successfully answered?  And offer those new, real accusations (we don’t like you, Politicians don’t like you, you made mistakes, we lost elections, etc. ) by the letter and spirit of The Party Plan?

Why should any Virginian ever believe what any elected Republican Party of Virginia official or any elected Republican public official says – if we don’t say what we mean and mean what we say when we dismiss our own Chairman?  When a committee of few score throws out the Chairman elected by thousands, shouldn’t we, at least, do so with the real charges, the right charges, the truthful charges?

Where do we stand on any issue of merit – when our integrity is challenged as to the truthfulness of our statements on any future position – taxes, spending, entitlements, oversight, managment, etc. – if we don’t act in this moment with complete and utter truth?

It’s one thing to hang a fellow because he killed someone.  It’s quite another accuse him of making a stern face at someone and then hang him because you don’t like him, or a lot of elected politicians don’t like him.   Should you do something you want to do just because you can – you have the power and opportunity to do it?



  1. Who is responsible for the VA Senate losing it’s majority, along with our brand for smaller govt and lower taxes?

    The vast majority of delegates to the last convention, and they took Hager’s head for it. He represented the status quo-establishment.

    Those delegates will be showing up again…. and our SCC members will also now know what being up for reelection is all about too…

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