Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 18, 2009

Hanging vs. Lynching

A hanging follows due process under the Rule of Law.  It involves a judge and jury.  It has many rules of evidence.   The defense gets to face the accusers.  And, of course the crime has to fit the legal code – point by point. 

I served on a Court Martial where a soldier got out of a controlled drug buy bust when the prosecuting attorney failed to prove every point of the charges.  And, it would have been so simple to do so.   But, the law was the law.

A lynching is when a few people decide the punishment for an individual.  The person may or may not have committed a capital crime.  The ringleaders, a cabal, rile up a crowd.  The crowd may feel quite self-righteous.  Especially, if the individual is guilty.

Lynchings ended in the 1920s in Virginia.  The segregationist Democrats who ran the General Assembly understood mobs enough to stop them with a law.  Any Virginian who witnessed a lynching but didn’t try to stop it, would be charged with murder.

A political hanging is different from a political lynching. 

A political hanging is metaphor for political death at the polls, a convention or a primary.

A political lynching is when a cabal works the crowd, builds up the energy, the anger and personal antipathy, to destroy a politician.  The cabal could even use an official proceeding and make it look like following the rules, while working it as a sneaky political issue – a campaign – from day one.  It’s still a lynching.

Virginians are witnessing a political lynching.  They should consider the moral imperative of the law that’s still in the Code of Virginia.  No one is a witness to a lynching.  Everyone is either a murderer or a defender of life. 

Way too many good Republican Conservatives are walking with a mob.  They mean well – want justice, to fix things, make it all better, etc.  – but they need to look carefully at what is happening. 

And, all Virginia Republicans must chose.  There are no witnesses to a lynching.


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  2. Well written JAB.

    Bottom Line Republican Politicians do not want a Conservative Chairman to hold their feet to the fire.

    Witness the demise of the VA GOP Majority in our Senate by their incessant demands for tax increases during times of surplus revenue.. 04′, 05, 06′, 07′.

    They want to go back to the good ol’ days…. where you just have a seat warmer for a Chair.

    You’re right, too many Conservatives are getting caught up in this frenzy to hold some one accountable….

    As for the Republicans… wasn’t John McCain supposed to be the moderate of all moderates to sweep the Republican Party to victory in VA?

    I mean that is the model they want correct?

  3. STD: Many good Conservatives are ready to vote Jeff out. It’s not C vs M vs L. It’s personal. And it’s about power. Power to control, not based so much on ideology. IMHO

  4. Your comments are “spot on”!

  5. Good metaphor. Yes, it is about power, and it is about demagoguery. The elected and party officials involved in this shame themselves.

    If we sit on our hands, a certain powerful click will own the chairmanship and the RPV. Since this click essentially represents the most powerful of our elected officials, Republicans lose any ability hold these elected officials accountable. If a political party is unwilling to hold its elected officials accountable, why bother with it?

  6. Jim,

    This is no lynching, this is no mob.

    This is a man who has never been able to work with others. Not in college, not in the military, not in the legislature, not in the party.

    He thinks he is the most important person in Virginia, that he alone can write a statement of Republican Principles and have everyone bow down to him and either go along with his writings or not get support from RPV.

    He is supposed to be the leader of a team. But when he was elected, he quickly planned how he was going to avoid making a team work.

    He has hidden contracts with himself, given contracts to past business partners at prices that no one else would,treated all others with disdain while insisting on respect for himself.

    It is clear he has not been and cannot be a leader of the party. For everyone’s good, if he really cared about the party rather than himself, he would have the courage to step down. He has none. He has shown that by his cowardly behavior of hiding in his office and running out of his office rather than meeting with people.

    What is his defense for that ? Probably as self serving as all the rest of his garbage.

  7. It ids not about power. It is about failure to conduct oneself properly as Chairman. If you attended meetings or showed concern for the health of RPV I could understand your feelings. Your comments show that you are off base as you speak of the situation and folks invovled as if you KNOW, thats right KNOW, that this is a power play. Please get informed before making such unfounded and baseless claims. You have become such a different person since the first district special.

  8. Mike Wade: Nice try at deflecting from the message about a lynching to the messenger – me. What meetings do you imagine I’ve missed?

    Were they the meetings the cabal had to plan the lynching – removal – of Jeff? You’re right. I wasn’t invited to any of them.

    I wasn’t even allowed to see the list of charges because I wouldn’t agree to sign it beforehand.

    When was the first meeting against Jeff? Who was there? When did the cabal draw up the list of offenses? How did your work that list over time?

    The list of offenses I got from Mike Thomas doesn’t equal firing offenses – for the good of the party, our candidates and to pass the common sense test of what is big and small, right and wrong.

    What information is needed for any person other than the list of accusations? The accusations should stand on their own. And, their weakness is indeed the basis of my observation that this fight isn’t about L vs C vs M. It’s just about power – and maybe the power to control the money of RPV jobs and contracts.

  9. Mr. Wade,

    Jim is in a position to know what he’s talking about. I trust him explicitly. If you were to say that about me, you’d be right. I’m not on the SCC and I’m not an “insider.” What I do have going for me is common sense. A simple smell test gives away the right to the moral high ground by the cabal seeking to remove Mr. Frederick. Does it make sense that the accused would release the list of accusations to the rank and file rather than the accusers? Does it make sense that other than one or two people, we have not seen a list of the members of the SCC who support removal of Mr. Frederick and intend to vote to remove him?

    Have you heard the saying, “Perception is reality?” It is doubly so in politics. Right now the perception by most of us in the rank and file is that there is a power play by the SCC. This whole dog and pony show is seen as nothing more than an attempt at a power grab by those who are the old guard and would rather lead from the top down.

  10. Luke 11:17

  11. Luke 11:17

    Maybe that too is the plan of those who want to bring Frederick down?

    It doesn’t make sense, especially in light of LG Bolling agreeing to run again for LG, and McDonnell for Gov.

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