Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 17, 2009

The State Central Committee Votes For Itself

The State Central Committee (SCC), Republican Party of Virginia, will vote on April 4th, 2009 to lynch its chairman, Jeff Frederick or not.  The letter of accusations is kept secret to only the members of the SCC.  I’m an elected member of the SCC for the 1st CD – since 2000.  But, I’m not allowed to share with the elected city and county chairman. or the rank and file Republicans, what the accusations are.  So much for being open and above board.


When Republicans across the Commonwealth can see the charges, they will see that a cabal on the committee created this crisis.  I haven’t seen anything that is illegal, immoral or fattening (although I would compromise on fattening as is my wont).  There is, however, a lot of anger and personal antipathy.  The long list of Establishment Republicans, and some great Republican Conservatives, who fought hard against Jeff last year, and who whispered against him through the Fall, followed the lead of few folks to take Jeff out now.  Some district chairmen are leading the charge.  A cabal within the committee of a few score work to undo a convention of thousands.   So much for being a grassroots party.


Yet, the SCC takes it upon itself to fix the leadership crisis by a vote on a small committee – polling itself.  When the SCC makes this vote for itself it truly is voting about itself.


Consider what the SCC wants to do to Jeff – and what it doesn’t do for others.  The comparison should provide caution to the committee before it votes for itself.


Once, the SCC voted a resolution against any new taxes – almost unanimously.  The House  Republican caucus laughed when they heard about it.  Then, enough Republicans in the General Assembly voted the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004.  Creating the largest surplus in Virginia history.  And they spent every penny.  The SCC did nothing.


Elected Republicans tried to force regional government down Virginians’ throats three times.  The SCC did nothing.


Elected Republicans passed the worst single piece of legislation since Massive Resistance – HB 3202 – ruled unconstitutional (9-0) by the Virginia Supreme Court.  The SCC did nothing.


Elected Republicans endorsed the Liberal Democrat Mark Warner or refused to support the Republican candidate in the election.  The SCC did nothing.


Elected Republicans killed a bill to re-establish the freedom for Christian police chaplains to pray to victims and officers in stress – in the “name of Jesus”.  The SCC did nothing.


Elected Republicans put earmarks into the Democrat federal budgets and participate in the inter-generational theft of wealth.  The SCC did nothing.


And why should 50 or so members of SCC undo the vote of over 5,000 grassroots Virginians?  Oh, the election.  Like Bob McDonnell will lose because of Jeff Frederick.  Unh-huh.


Name the three reasons to elect Bob McDonnell Governor of Virginia.. Now, name the taxes and spending that Bob will cut and the entitlements that Bob will reform – and how – as Governor.  I support Bob.  Since he will govern in January 2010 –what’s the answer, SCC?  Those answers win, or lose, the election, not Jeff.


The SCC needs to put this coup in context.  What precedent are we setting?  What is Jeff’s hanging offense – compared to what so many elected Virginia Republicans have done? 


Why is there such secrecy about the accusations?  Why isn’t every bit of information shared with the city and county chairs – and rank and file – every step of the way?  What happened to fair play under the Rule of Law? 


The SCC has elected four chairmen, by itself, in the past decade.  Maybe some members of the Executive Committee of the SCC think that is their privilege.


Who will replace Jeff?  Who elects that person as king?  What about the will of the thousands of Virginians at the convention last year?  Why, again, is their vote reversed?  Thrown out?


I just don’t get why Conservatives I respect deeply, trust, and hold in high regard are going along with personal agendas played as policy.  I ask them to consider – in context – what the SCC will vote for itself.  Please. 





  1. You make good, logical points on democratic due process and respect for the party base. I hope that they listen to you on this. They don’t have to let this train wreck happen.

    But, I fear they will. The likely result will be that the establishment portion of the party will be pleased that they removed an “embarrassment”, but many “grassroots” conservatives will do as they did with McCain: luke warm support at best, little to no $ and worse case, stay home or support a third party candidate. Bottom line is the Republicans will lose the governors race. They can’t keep attacking the base and expect us to support them. Sure wish they would attack democrats instead of conservatives.

    I for one, won’t stay home, but probably will not support with any $ and may consider a vote for someone other than the Republican/democrat, particularly if a viable alternative can emerge.

  2. Thanks, Dry Viking. This is a self-inflicted wound. I haven’t seen anything this profoundly stupid – well, since HB 3202.

  3. […] checked out Deo Vindice.   Jame Bowden ran a series of posts starting here, but this was the first one I noticed.  Given I could not find sufficient cause to support Frederick’s removal, I had to agree […]

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