Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 14, 2009

Some Real Grassroots Support for Jeff Frederick


Ladies and Gentlemen of the State Central Committee,

Just three hours ago, I was in the Prince William County Republican Committee Convention.  At that time there

was a resolution put to the floor in support of our (yours and my) Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. 

That resolution fully and unambiguously endorses Chairman Frederick; it calls on all of you to focus on winning

the next elections; and to unconditionally assist Chairman Frederick in the performance of his duties. 

The measure was read in its entirety and discussion was requested – there was none.  A vote was taken. 

Those in favor were asked to raise their hands and a forest of arms appeared.  Those against were asked to vote

and I saw no hands.  Even accounting for a home town crowd, I say so much for the fantasy that there is

a “grassroots” effort to unseat Chairman Frederick.   This would be a really good time to get down to the business

 at hand and forget the coup.

Best Regards,

Bill Card

Dumfries, VA



  1. Another unfortunate mishap for Mr. Frederick. Can he survive despite the endorsement of the PWCRC?

  2. Would it be possible to post the text of the resolution? Also I think this is definitely a powerful voice of the grassroots. If Bob wants to go against the Prince William Republican Committee and risk losing that key county, well I hope he will realize his error soon.

  3. I certainly hope that our misguided friend Bob McDonnell’s words against Jeff won’t cause the pro-Frederick grassroots to become frostly with Bob. I support Jeff AND Bob!

  4. Jeff will weather this storm. The last thing we need is a to go back to eight-track tapes in VA politics and only let people with big money control things.

  5. NovA Scout;
    I gather from your silly remark about the PWCRC that you hold them in contempt.

    Strange how your kind always seem to look down on the very few units in NOVA that actually still send Republicans to victory.

    Frederick, Marshall…………wait a minute, I think I get it now.

    You LIB!!

  6. Tim Boyer: This isn’t C vs M vs L. It is about power and money – control.

  7. It’s sad that Bob feels it necessary to cater to the segment of the party that has only brought us defeat in recent years rather than the grassroots people who would have been the key to his victory.

    I find the disingenuous nature of those opposing Jeff Frederick worthy of the other side when they go about claiming a grassroots effort to remove him. Then to top it off the Senate Republican caucus leaders sent out an email with all the members listed… implying that it was a unanimous effort.

    I’m reminded of Glenn Beck’s quote that “We don’t have a liquidity problem, we have a problem of trust.”

  8. Larry Miller: Two or three district chairs cooking up a crisis might really seem like “grassroots” to some of our favorite senators who signed the letter to get rid of the convention-elected Chairman.

    Also, when you see how this is spinning out of control – like HB 3202 – makes you consider how many of the geniuses behind HB 3202 might be behind organizing this lynch mob.

    Willie Deutsch: I don’t have the text of the resolution – just permission to post the email news.

  9. Gentlemen,

    I know there are solid conservatives who are on the bandwagon to remove Mr. Frederick (I am aware of at least 3). However, there is one critical issue that we all need to bear in mind.

    Jeff Frederick was elected Chairman of the RPV in accordance with party rules AND state law. He was elected by Convention of the RPV that was legally credentialed and seated to conduct official RPV business. Gentlemen, Mr. Frederick deserves to have his say IN FRONT of the same Convention that elected him last year. He deserves to have ALL the allegations against him read into the permanent record of the RPV and to have the opportunity to respond. In absence of this process, the proceedings will be little more than a railroading.

  10. I couldn’t be at the convention today but I am very happy that they voted to support Jeff. He won in a landslide last year and I shudder to think that the good ole boy network could take back the reins of our party. Has Jeff made mistakes? Sure he has but give him time. The loss wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of the Republicans trying to be Democrat lite. Why go for the imitation if you can get the real thing? We need to get back to our conservative values before the Democrats destroy our country.

  11. I’m sure the Libertarians would be happy to have a guy like him. He’s too Conservative for the GOP.

  12. I support Jeff Fredericksand any chair elected by the people! It is so unfortunate that a few in the party have not accepted him as chairman. Some people will look at this situation and walk away to the democrats, others will get in there and try to resolve concerns and a few others will sit it out in November and let the democrats win. Can we afford to get involved in situations like this? Who are we? What is our mission? Let us all ask God to lead us because we do not know where we are going or how to get there;and if we get there we are not able to realize it.

  13. DL, it’s always been my understanding that the libertarian (or Libertarian) folk have been fond of Jeff, considering his fiscal beliefs.

  14. Mr. Boyer: what a compelling argument – calling someone a “LIB!!” [double exclamation point in the original]

    When you are older, and have finished school, I trust your sense of exchange of ideas will have matured.

    I was being a bit whimsical, but, since you raised the matter, keep in mind that Bob Marshall probably would be successful with or without the PWCRC. It seems the most successful Rs in Prince William achieve their successes without any involvement (sometimes even active opposition) from that Committee. You also have stellar luminaries such as Faisal Gil and Bob FitzSimmonds on your ledger. I rather like Marshall in many instances, but, if I were a member of the PWCRC, I wouldn’t be claiming any great credit for advancing Frederick.

    Having said all that, I am persuaded by our host here that the punctilios of procedure are of utmost importance and support him in advocating their observance.

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