Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 12, 2009

The Robo Call For and Against Jeff Frederick

Wow.  Someone made a bizarre robotic call  today across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The call was made, supposedly, for Jeff  Frederick to stay on as Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia.  It couldn’t have been more against Jeff.

An enterprising reporter could dig hard and find out who was behind this.  Maybe one will since it smells of Republican scandal, not Democrat dirt.   Unlike the incurious journalists bored with a half a billion or so in illegal foreign contributions that may have flowed to B. Hussein Obama, Liberal reporters might have a scent of blood  here.  I hope they do.

Some may want to blame Jeff for the quality of one supporter.  Guilt by association.  Except, the same standard would have to be applied to all parties in this daytime soap opera.

Every Southern family has a crazy relative.  Or several.  The real issue, isn’t how embarassing that Krazy Aunt or Uncle can be, but should they be locked in the attic or cellar?

And, then there are some of the key cheerleaders for deposing Jeff in committee a year after his election by convention.  Look at the bills they killed in committee in the General Assembly.  So much for guilt by association.

Some good folks, great Conservatives,  on SCC say they are going to vote Jeff out in April.   I expect their votes will based on principles as they see them, not by this bizarre robo call or any other aspect of the chatter going on now.

Actually, its time for the grown ups who want to win state wide elections and more seats in the House of Delegates to make the private calls to some SCC members.  Tell them to relax until the election is over.  Then, manufacture another crisis if you really want to go after Jeff Frederick again.  But, wait until we – Republicans – win together.



  1. I’ll start this off and take a bit of a contrarian stance. Folks should just stop wasting time on this issue. Frederick is obviously a very low standard piece of kit. But that was totally apparent at the time he acceded to the Chairmanship. The Party structure and rules are such that running changes off-cycle are very difficult and distracting (as should be the case). Since RPV chose to saddle itself with this impediment, just carry it and go about the business of ensuring that 2009 is as good as it can be for the Party in the state. If Republicans in Virginia had wanted a qualified Chairman of estimable personal qualities, they would have chosen one. That was not what folks were looking for, so stop futzing around with this. It’s just one more debit on the ledger as far as how we present ourselves to the general electorate. Let it stand and go out and accumulate some offsetting credits.

  2. NoVa Scout: Contrarian? I think we agree that this should end now. I think that means the accusers take a coffee break and get back to winning elections.

  3. April 4 will be the end of it and he will be removed. One must realize that Dems want him to stay much as the Allies in WWII thwarted attempts against Hitler. You are an Army guy, act or react. Lose in 2009, then say oh well, he blew it again? By the way your comment on manufacturing a crisis is a insult to me as a organizer of this petition, I guess I know what you think of us. You need to get your head out of Jeffs punch bowl.

  4. Mike, Obviously you haven’t read the rule that the first side of any argument to invoke Hitler – loses. Sorry.

    If I want to insult you, you know I would do it at one of our get togethers in Hampton face to face. Sorry I missed supper on Wed.

    You can clear things up if you lay down a time line. Who made the first call saying,”He’s got to go and here’s why?” When?

    Then, who made what other calls etc? Who drafted up the list of charges? When? Who edited it? Who agreed to it when before it was shopped around the SCC?

    Jeff won’t be the margin of victory or defeat in 09. Poll his name recognition. Less than 5%?

    Do the full who-shot-John as an organizer of the petition? It will clarify things.

    Worry less about what I think of any person (and give up on the mind reading) – because it is irrelevant – and stick to the issues you and others raised. That is what should be voted on 4 April – the issues.

  5. As has happened in the past, JAB, we come to the same conclusions from different perspectives. My view of JF is that he is laughably incompetent (assuming one’s sense of humor is a bit inclined to focus on trivia) and never should have been there in the first place. I think you were one of his supporters. But, at this point, my dog could probably run RPV with at least as much effectiveness. It just is not particularly important who is there now. Frederick can be dealt with when we aren’t busy with more important things. I do, however, fully understand why many Rs are disturbed and many Ds are hoping he stays.

  6. NoVa Scout: Actually we may be closer on this issue than you suspect.

    My first concern is the process, precedent, and propriety. A hanging follows due process, but a lynching is led by a cabal. A committee must have mighty reasons – illegal or immoral – to undo the work of a convention. Fair play instead of double-secret skulking is in order. Open is better than whispering.

    I don’t defend dumbass. For me or anyone else. I can laugh at it some times. Does dumb ass rise to the level of terminal stupid – and dangerously incompetent? That’s one test – and very subjective.

    When I was in the Army and some one goofed, I’d ask, “Is he trainable?”

  7. well said, sir. your “3 p’s” are important in any context.

  8. Mike;
    What is the reason you so desperately want Frederick out of there?
    Could one perhaps follow some leads and discover the truth?
    Oh, yeah!
    Like you taking over the only SCC meeting held between the convention and the election, where you and your buddies spent more time blasting Jeff than planning for the upcoming election.
    And all this before Jeff “lost the election for McCain”.
    There goes that argument for his removal, as if that was not already an obviously childish argument.

    What, about undoing the will of 60% of State Delegates, was so important that it could not wait to get past the election?

    Don’t tell me you saw McCain’s loss coming and knew that the only way to avert disaster was to railroad Jeff!
    Maybe you should have included Jim Rich in your counter offensive to save McCain.

    …..Lose in 2009 and then say, Oh well, he blew it again……?

    Then I guess you would agree with me that Tucker and Jim Rich have no business calling for Jeff’s ouster, right?
    Jim lost his district to Obama, and Tucker lost his district for the campaign over which he had full control as Campaign Manager……..Virgil’s.
    The only race Virgil has ever lost.

    But knowing you and your crowd, you are probably far more sad about losing Tom Davis than losing Virgil.
    After all, Virgil is probably “too white, too rural, and too regional”……..right?
    So now you finally admit you speak for the Dem’s!!
    About time you admit where your true allegiance lies!
    Maybe they want you and Tucker, John Hager and Jim to stay around!
    You guys have been losing elections far longer than Frederick has been in office and no one ever blamed you for it.
    Well, I am!!

    It is your desire for power at all cost, and your lack of core values and principles that induce your love for people like Jim Gilmore over Bob Marshall………35 %??

    You are right!
    This IS what I think of you and your crowd!
    You have not won an election since Mark Warner took office as Governor, yet somehow we must let you dictate who is best qualified to lead the party!!

    What’s the matter, Mike?
    You afraid we might begin to stand for something again as a party, win some elections, and demonstrate to the nation what a miserable failure your crowd has been for ten years?

    Or, are you feeling the pressure from the conservative revival happening all across the state, as we begin to restore the vision of our founding fathers for self-government?

    You accuse James of being Hitler;
    Your actions are far reminiscent of the SS than anything James has said or done, if you insist on the comparison.

    You are an Army guy……act or react!
    You and your buddies lost ’01, ’03’, 05′,’07, and ’09.
    Shall we lose 2010, and say “well, they blew it again?”
    BTW, April 4 is NOT the end of it!
    First, you don’t have the votes, or the elected officials you trotted out would never have gone on public record.
    Secondly, the testimony of nine whole unit chairmen, is hardly convincing either………c’mon, dude, NINE??

    Third, regardless of whether you are ultimately successful in your coup against Jeff, the grassroots of our party, and the chance to finally win something, it is NOT over!

    We are not going away this time!
    Everywhere you guys go, we will be there!
    Buckle up, man!!!

    One last word of advice, Mikey…
    Try being on the side of truth sometime, and you will amazed at how easy it is to tell the same story every time you have to tell it.

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