Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 12, 2009

Re Jeff Frederick: A Citizen Responds to the Establishment Republicans

Subject: RE: VA GOP Senate leaders support a change in RPV Leadership
Regarding the message that I just received from the Virginia Senate 
Republican Caucus:
As a delegate to the State Convention that elected Chairman Frederick,
and a life-long Republican, I would like to know where some members 
of the State Central Committee and other so-called Republican "leaders" 
get off trying to override the will of the people of the RPV as expressed
in a fair and legal election for something as nebulous as "loss of 
confidence" and "grave concern over the state of affairs."  The loss 
of confidence that should concern these people is the loss of confidence
that will occur among Republican voters when they realize that their vote 
at a State Convention doesn't really matter.  Maybe we'll just go find us
a party that has a higher regard for voters.  
I know I'll seriously consider it.
J.R. "Randy" McIlhaney, Jr.


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