Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 12, 2009

Another Letter For Jeff Frederick

DATE: March 12, 2009


TO: the Members of the Republican State Central Committee


I am writing to express my grave concerns about the consequences of removing Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the Virginia Republican Party of Virginia, an action I believe will be detrimental to the election of our Republican candidates at all levels.


As the first Hispanic to be elected to such a high Republican Party position in Virginia, Jeff’s election was a significant gain for grassroots Latinos who have been working in the trenches for years to help elect Republican candidates.


We are the largest minority in Virginia and were exhilarated by Jeff’s election by an overwhelming majority of delegates at our state convention last May. We believed that the election of a fellow Hispanic afforded us a great opportunity to further motivate Hispanics as well as other minority groups to get involved in the Republican Party.


Now, many Hispanics are telling me they are very upset about this effort to remove Jeff Frederick, particularly since it appears to be based on allegations instigated by some members on the State Central Committee who were supporters of his opponent and have not treated Jeff fairly from the very beginning. They  also tell me they are especially dismayed to read that our candidate for Governor has allowed himself to be involved in this matter.


I am extremely concerned that this kind of divisive action which is being played out in the newspapers and in blogs will only serve to bring defeat to our Republican candidates in November.


I urge the State Central Committee to reject this effort to remove Jeff Frederick as Chairman and to focus on the important business of persuading the electorate that it is the Republican Party that stands for meaningful inclusion and hope for all Virginians.



Former Member, Republican State Central Committee, 11th Congressional District. Founder and former Chairman, National Republican Hispanic Assembly of Virginia. Former Member, Republican Party Statewide Welcoming Committee

Member, Republican Party Statewide Ethnic Coalitions Committee

Member, Fairfax County Republican Committee

Member, Hispanic Roundtable




  1. Thank you for supporting Jeff Frederick as Chairman. Please consider joining it is the place where we are coordinating, mobilizing, and identifying support for Jeff Frederick.

  2. So this should be about ethnicity? Sorry to hear that. I would hope we are above that.

  3. NoVa: We may mean thee and me. The fight isn’t about ethnicity at all. Others interpret as they choose to do so.

  4. Mr. Morales seems to differ.

  5. I tend to agree with one of Mr. Morales’ points about McDonnell interjecting himself into this. I really could care less about the personalities involved here. In my view, the process has been damaged by this upheaval. Generally, the rank and file would have the opportunity to examine the allegations and to make its own recommendations to the SCC for follow through. It seems as if the reverse holds true for this situation.

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